From Labels to Legends: The Power of Designer Bag Brand Names & Logos 

Know the power of Designer Bag Brand Names & Logos

A designer bag’s brand name and logo is how it connects with its customers. To create their own identity, brands have to make sure that the name and logo is unique but not too over-the-top and yet, a clear reflection of what the brand stands for.

There’s a lot of inspiration and valuable insight hiding within the details of luxury bag’s brand names and logos. If you’re looking to dive into a bag business and searching for the right inspiration for your logo, this read is for you. This roundup explores some of the most recognizable luxury bag brand names and logos that utilize one of these three forms of branding to express their identity:

  • Text logos
  • Shape logos
  • Illustration logos


Typography in a bag’s brand name and logo is an informative yet flexible form of self-expression. It adapts well to various formats like packaging, business cards, and store signs. For text logos, brands either go with wordmark or lettermark.

Wordmark logos allow the brand name to be shown off in its entirety. It’s great for new brands wanting to make sure everyone knows who they are. On the other hand, lettermark logos use abbreviated versions of the brand’s name for a shorter, quick and creative impression!


As the name suggests, illustration logos have drawings that visually represent what the brand is all about. Brand’s often opt for illustrations to convey special meanings or values they embody. Sometimes, they design artwork that depicts elements related to the brand’s history. This artistic approach adds depth and storytelling to the logo, creating a functional visual narrative. Take for example the Hermès bag logo design, with a horse-drawn carriage signifying the brand’s initial objective of designing horse saddles.


Another way for famous bag brands to design their logos is by incorporating unique shapes and symbols in the bag’s brand name and logo. The shapes add prominence to the logo, making it stand out and be more visible even between busy backgrounds. Shapes can also be meaningful and add symbolic significance. Fashion house’s also tend to transform the initials of their label into unique shapes that are easily recognizable.

Now let’s take a look at some of the most renowned and inspiring examples of famous bag brand names and logos.

Louis Vuitton

The iconic Louis Vuitton handbag logo is the LV monogram, consisting of an italicized, serif, uppercase letter “L” positioned slightly to the left and below a capitalized “V”. This logo is known worldwide and is powerful, unique and easily distinguished. The lettering is notably thin and precise. The globally beloved Louis Vuitton signature pattern including the iconic LVs, quatrefoils, and flowers is also an unmistakable part of the brand’s identity.


Among all the designer handbag brand names logos, Chanel has one that is truly iconic. It has two C’s facing apart yet linked together. On a real Chanel bag, these C’s are not just flat shapes, but rather actual three-dimensional letters interlocking. Look closely: at the top, the right-sided C sticks out in front of the left one, and at the bottom, it goes behind. Underneath the logo, you’ll see the word “Chanel” in all caps, with a bold and classy font, a bit like regular sans-serif but with some tweaks. The letters have decent space between them, giving it a broad, sophisticated look.


The double “GG” monogram is one of the most gorgeous elements of Gucci’s handbags. Typically, a Gucci handbag logo has two big overlapping “G’s, kind of like they’re hugging. The top part comes together at a sharp point, and the middle is a bit thicker. Gucci has a simple wordmark, with plenty of space between the letters.


An authentic Hermès handbag logo design draws inspiration from a painting by French artist Alfred de Dreux called “Le Duc Attele, Groom a L’Attente,” featuring a horse-drawn carriage waiting for the groom. The horse figure is larger than the human, signifying Hermès original mission of crafting top-notch horse saddles and bridles. Below that “Hermès” dons a distinctive serif typeface while “Paris” is in a sleek sans-serif.


The brand name and logo of Prada is graceful yet simple. It showcases an inverted triangle with the brand name PRADA boldly written on a centered plaque. The letters, though simple, carry unique and subtle details. The ‘R’ sports a characteristic dip below the curve and an elegant outward angle on the right leg. Similarly, in the ‘A,’ the right leg gracefully extends past the top like a cap, with the right leg larger than the left.

Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana’s primary logo uses the brand’s name expressed in sleek, black letters. The second logo is the more common “D&G” abbreviation. Both feature bold, capitalized letters, with smaller ampersand. The font is a modified Futura typeface. The third logo, reserved for their premium products, includes a gold D&G with a crown, encircled in a laurel wreath against a white background. Established in 1985, the D&G bag’s brand name and logo is known for elegance, simplicity, and a consistent, luxurious appeal.


Balenciaga boasts two distinctive logos for its luxury bags. The first is a bold, uppercase wordmark with a unique, elongated sans serif typeface font, notably featuring an asymmetrical “B”. The overall design is sleek, minimalistic, and typically monochromatic. The second logo has two back-to-back B’s in a monogram, giving it a sense of luxury and easy brand recognition.

Christian Dior

Christian Dior’s luxury bag’s brand name and logo is a lettermark, usually adorned with the iconic “CD” initials. The curvature of the C meets the straight line of the D along the lower edge, making a sophisticated boundary between the two. Notably, there’s a deliberate gap between the upper edge of the C and this boundary, adding a touch of subtlety and visual intrigue to the iconic interlocking design.

Bottega Veneta

The Bottega Veneta bag logo design and font maintain a neat and consistent appearance. The brand’s identity is encapsulated in a well-structured wordmark, creating a dominant and easily memorable look. It’s written in all caps with organized lines, even spacing among letters and serif details.

Miu Miu

The Miu Miu logo is straightforward yet distinct and effortlessly recognisable. The letter “M” is cleverly split into two. The left side is full and round, while the right side only shows part of the letter, with a subtle gap between them. The letter “U” has two curves that gracefully avoid meeting in the middle.

Alexander McQueen

The monochrome logo of Alexander McQueen keeps it minimal with black, lowercase lettering. They picked black because it’s a colour they often use in their designs. The lowercase letters impart a contemporary vibe to the logo, giving off an approachable and laid back vibe.

Kate Spade

The Kate Spade handbag logo is known for its simplicity and casual look, showing an all-lowercase wordmark. The brand proudly emphasizes its roots by incorporating the words “NEW YORK” in all caps just below the main name. Above the letters is an elegantly placed “spade” shape, over the s of spade.


In summary, a luxury bag’s brand name and logo are the very essence of its identity and voice. The more unique, simple and strategic design a brand has for its logo, the more chance there is for its business to outshine in the competitive retail market and foster loyalty . Drawing inspiration from successful and popular bag brand names and logos can be a valuable guide to design a unique logo for your own brand. Remember, simplicity in design often amplifies a brand’s voice and impact.

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