The Stats Don’t Lie: 06 Designer Bags with Best Resale Value

Designer bags essentially stand the test of time and are synonymous with luxury and sartorial elegance. If you’re a fashion fanatic, you must know by now that in the extravagant world of designer bags, It’s not just about buying a piece you absolutely adore and love anymore. While that is essential, nowadays it’s also about investing in it. For your ease, We’ve enlisted below 06 Designer Bags with Best Resale Value.

Being among the top investment items, Designer handbags are worth the money. So, for all those times when you’re busy eyeing up bags for their high quality fabrication or for the brand’s reputation, asking yourself questions like , “Will this designer bag hold its value?” “Are Louis Vuitton bags a good investment?” “Are Chanel bags worth it?” “How to find out how much a purse is worth? , educating yourself about bags with best resale value that will maintain their exclusivity is essential.

Not to worry, we shall guide you through all your queries.

Know Your Bag’s Worth:

The resale value is the percentage of your bag that you will earn if you ever choose to sell it online. It’s supposed to be a percentage of the original retail price that your bag will sell for on the secondary market.

To give you a sense of bags with best resale value that are worth scooping up, Here’s our advice. You can’t go wrong with the sacred trio—Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Hermès. These are those three classic brands that, in certain styles, will resell online the most, despite fluctuations in trends or buzz.
Whether you’re a teen looking to buy your first luxury handbag or a minimalist trying to declutter your closet or a collector trying to find luxury bags with best resale value on the market, now is the time to start making informed decisions with your purchases. Scroll below to find out the 06 hottest bags currently in the market you can invest on without regret.

1) Hermès So Kelly 26 Taurillon Clemence Tote Bag

It is widely known that out of all the bags with the best resale value , Hermès’ handbags top the list. While their demand keeps growing every year, Hermès handbags are produced in ridiculously low quantities. Add up a blooming demand to a limited supply and boom! you’ve got just the right formula for a crazy resale market.

The Hermès So Kelly 26 Taurillon Clemence Tote Bag provides history and quality as an investment bag. Kelly is Among the 5 Hermès Handbags with the Highest Resale Value. It features a wide, tall shoulder bag crafted of fine clemence leather allowing you to fit all your necessities with ease. There’s an adjustable double leather shoulder strap and a polished lock closure providing a sophisticated accent. The bag has evolved since its initial release with an ever growing market.

2) Chanel Classic Double Flap Caviar Leather Shoulder Bag

About your question of whether Chanel bags are worth it, we believe when it comes to resale valuations, the best-sellers are where the money’s at for the long term. It goes without saying that your pre-owned Chanel Classic Double Flap Caviar Leather Shoulder Bag holds its value. It features leather threaded chain-link shoulder strap, a rear patch pocket, and a crossover flap with a classic CC turn lock closure. The flap opens to reveal an inner flap and a leather interior with patch pockets. It exudes superb quality, space, elegance and style that many women would clamour for. This Chanel bag’s resale value will retain or increase depending on leather and hardware.

3) Bottega Veneta BV Jodie Mini Bag

Not everyone dotes on maximalist gear anymore. If you’re one of those who crave modern minimalist fashion, Bottega Veneta BV Jodie Mini Bag would be another bag with best resale value. The mini Jodie has a cute, knotted top handle and is crafted in Italy from supple world-class intrecciato leather, a technique loved for decades. These bags are designed to fit under your arm like a baguette bag, but are roomy enough for your phone and keys. Perfect for nights out and dinner dates, or simply to keep your wallet and ID in one easy-to-use handbag.Retailing for $1,900 and reselling for more, BV Mini bags have proven season after season that they are not just a passing trend but here to stay.

4) CHRISTIAN DIOR Saddle Oblique Jacquard Belt Bag Burgundy

Talking about designer bags worth the money, this one is also a sage and stylish Investment. The Saddle belt pouch is crafted in an attractive burgundy Dior Oblique jacquard, showcasing fabulous Saddle codes with an asymmetrical flap, leather straps and ‘D’ charm. The pouch has a single interior compartment, able to store all your essentials, a removable belt with a ‘CD’ buckle. It may be worn over the shoulder, crossbody or carried at the waist. Retailing at US$2,000 and is sold for great prices on the secondhand market

5) Louis Vuitton OnTheGo Tote Limited Edition Reverse Monogram Giant MM

When you’re wondering whether LV bags are a good investment, take a look at this bag. Chic and practical with a name that says it all: OnTheGo MM takes care of all the essentials of a busy woman. It is virtually two bags in one with Giant Monogram canvas on one side and Monogram Reverse on the other. It offers extra versatility in terms of carrying styles. The leather is buttery and soft with a smell that is divine, also following the highest environmental standard in terms of leather tanning. With average median price at US$3,530.00 to US$3,599, its among the top Louis Vuitton bags with best resale value.

6) Saint Laurent Loulou Small Loulou Matelasse Leather Shoulder Bag Black

Designed in tribute to one of Saint Laurent’s most famous models, the bag has gone on to become an instant style icon. The leather and foam have been specially designed to create the signature quilting. The YSL monogram gives the metallic hardware a promising finish. This piece ensures longevity and notoriety.

To Conclude:

If you’re looking to sell your designer bags online, these are foreseen to be the best investments to buy into now. You may own your designer handbag purely for the joy of owning it but realise that they also retain their value . As a customer, it’s important to understand how to create a collection that will become more valuable over time.

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