Best every day Louis Vuitton handbags

Do you know what they say? “A bag is a girl’s best friend”, and rightly so. Bags are a must-have in every girl’s closet. The world has become very fast-paced, and we meet so many people every day. But only some of them leave a lasting impact. If you’re looking to be one of those you need to stand out. Bags play a significant role in the outfit that makes an impression, but not every bag can do so. Hence, we have jotted down the five Louis Vuitton handbags, which are an everyday must-have.

The first-ever Louis Vuitton handbag hit the shelf in 1854, Paris, France.  The luxury brand has a lineage of being the number one designer brand, and the brand stands true to that. The luxury brand has more than 460 Louis Vuitton bags outlet worldwide, and the official Louis Vuitton online website has more than 1219 products. The brand has launched many pieces throughout the year, but some of the most amazing everyday Louis Vuitton handbags are as follows:

Louis Vuitton Never-full

As the name suggests, the luxury bag is never full. Is straight out of every girl’s dream. Louis Vuitton never-full is a timeless tote bag with heritage details. It is available in various styles and patterns such as monogram canvas, Damier Azur, durable Epi leather and some gorgeous limited edition. It also comes in three different sizes; named PM, MM and GM, based on the dimensions, MM is the perfect size for an everyday bag and is also the most sold bag on Louis Vuitton USA website. The never-full is a Louis Vuitton shoulder bag that’s big but not bulky. The bag is spacious enough to hold everything you’ll ever need on the go while being luxurious and Chic at the same time. 

Louis Vuitton pouch

Louis Vuitton pouch collection is something opposite of the never-full. If you are someone who’s more into dainty bags, this one’s for you.  The Louis Vuitton multi pochette bags were launched in 2009 and is a revamped version of the original Louis Vuitton pochette accessories from 1992, that is why the multi pochette bags have a vintage plus modern type of look, ever since the revamp the crowd has been going crazy over them, and who can blame them for these cuties are worth it.

Louis Vuitton satchel bag

Louis Vuitton satchel bags are one of the most sold bags by the luxury brand. These bags are made in a way that they look like a smaller version of a luggage bag. The bag comes in multiple styles such as Louis Vuitton crossbody bag, Louis Vuitton handbag as well as a Louis Vuitton shoulder bag. The most sold Louis Vuitton satchel bag is Alma. The Louis Vuitton Alma was the second kind of bag the brand ever made. It was custom made for “Coco Chanel” in the year 1925. Later after her approval, it hit every store in town to be sold publicly. The Louis Vuitton Alma was designed to mimic the shape of the famous bridge Alma in Paris and was eventually named after it. That too for good reason since the bag is as dreamy as the mesmerizing Alma itself.

Before you leave to get yourself a new perfect everyday bag, here are some interesting facts about the brand Louis Vuitton. All of the Louis Vuitton handbags are waterproof, fire proof and are handmade. It takes the craftsman a week to make one bag.

LV Speedy

Speedy is the first-ever bag the luxury brand ever introduced and is most famous for its association with the megastar Audrey Hepburn. The first-ever bag in the speedy collection was called the keep all. Later on the special request of Audrey Hepburn, the first-ever speedy bag was introduced as a smaller everyday version of the keep all bag. Speedy was the first-ever bag in the Louis Vuitton handbags collection Speedy now comes in four different sizes. The smallest is the speedy 25, then comes speedy 30, then speedy 35 and the biggest is the speedy 40. Based on the dimension Louis Vuitton speedy 30 is the ideal bag for everyday use and is also the most sold size out of the four.

LV bucket bag

Louis Vuitton was the first-ever brand to introduce a bucket bag in 1932. The luxury brand is basically the pioneer of bucket bags. The famous bucket bags are available in a variety of sizes, shapes and colours. The most famous bucket bag by the designer brand is the Louis Vuitton Noé, and it is also the brands first bucket bag. The bag was influenced by the idea of carrying champagne bottles and has the capacity of storing five bottles of champagne. The Louis Vuitton Noe is also one of the brands most loved bag ever since its introduction in 1932 many other styles of bucket bags were introduced but noe noe to date is the most bought bucket bag out of all the Louis Vuitton handbags and is mainly marketed as Louis Vuitton crossbody bag.

An interesting fact about Louis Vuitton: Unlike many brands it has not only signed a patent for its logo but the color combinations are also copyrighted by the brand. Despite taking all the extreme measures to keep the fake bees away, 99% of the products available in the market under the name Louis Vuitton are fake.  While making a purchase decision beware of that.


Above mentioned are the perfect five luxuries Louis Vuitton handbags to oomph up your outfit and give it that perfect impressionable look you are looking for.

Also,do you know what happens to all the LV bags that don’t get sold and become old? Well, all the Louis Vuitton handbags that don’t get sold in Louis Vuitton USA outlets or all around the world are sent back to the factory in France where they are shredded and burned. So they never make it to the black market, and the authenticity of the brand stays intact.  

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