Fendi’s Fascinating History; Everything You Need To Know

All roads lead to Rome for Fendi Haute Couture

Fendi handbags and purses are often seen on the red carpets, streets, fashion runways, and glamorous circles. Fendi is a high fashion brand that is known for its extravagance and luxury. Before the red carpets, celebrity partnerships, and glamorous catwalks, there was a simple workbench and someone with a vision!

Artisanal savoir-faire, opulent and contemporary designs; you can never be a true Fendi admirer unless you delve deeper into Fendi’s brand identity. Fendi’s fashion history is deeply rooted in Rome, founded by Adele and Edoardo Fendi in 1921.  Fendi handbags and purses are synonymous with exponential craftsmanship, traditions, innovation, and daring creativity.

Rome and Fendi; the Eternal Bond

How often does a fashion house bring a revolution, make history, and then make history again? Just ask Fendi… Fendi handbags and purses are synonymous with exponential craftsmanship, traditions, innovation, and daring creativity.

From the fashion show staged at the Great Wall of China to Fendi’s reconnection with its Roman roots for its Autumn 2021 Haute Couture Collection, here is the story of Fendi Handbags and purses. 

It all began with a small boutique in the heart of Rome. Soon with the advent of specialized Fendi handbags and purses and fur workshops, the series of successful collections, and artistic collaborations, the bonafide Maison was projected into the international fashion scene.

Rome and Fendi share a special bond that emanates the inspiration of Adele in her famous Selleria Collection. Debuted in 1938, the handmade Fendi handbags and purses were made to the limelight flaunting the sultry Roman leather. With a new energy and innovative ideas, the second generation of the Fendi family geared up the growth of the brand.

When Fendi Met Karl

In the 1960s, the sisters came across the emerging stylist, when they met the legendary Karl Lagerfield in 1965. In his hands, the history of women’s fashion took a revolution; the handbags and purses by Fendi were molded, redesigned, and reinterpreted by incorporating different leather processing techniques. Karl introduced the brand in the fur market when fur was a hot cake. The German designer successfully fabricated Fendi handbags for men and women while experimenting with different finishes, materials, patterns, and colors; transforming the fur into something that’s more accessible to international and average customers. He gave fur a whole new way of existing. Fendi hold his first couture fur collection in 1966 for international buyers.  He inspired women to be utterly fashionable even if they are traveling or working. The Fendi tote handbags and purses emanate a perfect blend of hipness and functionality.

Fendi’s Logo History; The Zucca

Fendi became popular in the 1980s, when Karl came up with a Logo that had both lingual and creative meaning.  Karl Lagerfeld breathed new life into Fendi with a new logo and strategy.

The nineties

The 90s shaped the panache of the Fendi handbags and purses. If we are talking about the Fendi handbags and purses, then it is Silvia Venturini Fendi, daughter of Anna Fend, who notched up the  Fendi’s brand identity with her conviction and determination. Undoubtedly she became the face of Fendi handbags for women with the creation of the most iconic Fendi designer handbags the world has ever seen. She designed the iconic baguette bag that entered Vogue,s it-bag hall of fame and is still the most coveted Fendi crossbody bag that flaunts functionality, class, and practical design. Winning the Fashion Group International Award for accessories in 2000, this Fendi designer handbag is renowned for its detailed craftsmanship, finest fabrication, and minimalistic style. 

From Madonna to Naomi Campbell, and Julia Roberts, this Fendi handbag and purse became an arm candy adorning the red carpets and fashion runways. A lot of iterations introduced in bag design since 1997. It is still one of the most coveted editions among the top-notch Fendi handbags and purses designed over the years. 

The new millennium

Peekaboo has been around the fashion streets for more than a decade since its runway debut. Venturini introduces an unconventional style of half-open and half-closed design. This Fendi handbag and purse revealed a discrete texture and anatomy that featured several compartments with a rigid partition and a double closure. When partly fastened the staple revealed a surprising color or texture like its name. Being a top favorite among Chiara Ferragni, Rihanna, and Meghan Markle, the rigid structure and clean lines of this Fendi shoulder bag adds playful pizzazz to your sophisticated wardrobe. 

They say that the beauty breaks the rules

Fendi had a fashion show on the Great Wall of China that was viewable from the moon. In 2014, Fendi handbags and purses accented in the Milan Fashion Week were broadcasted on live steam. In addition, the memorable catwalk show over the Trevi Fountain in Rome Italy was breathtaking.

Sustainable fashion has never been more appealing

If you are a little tight on budget or unable to get your hands on your favorite Fendi designer handbag and purse, Dallas Designer Handbags gives your wallet the cushion needed to give a new lease of life to your wardrobe with preowned Fendi bags in pristine condition. But of course, there is always a risk of scamming when you enter the preloved market. To check Fendi’s authenticity be mindful that the serial number in Fendi bags is etched on the leather tag that can be found on the back of the interior leather logo tag stitched to one of the side seams or the bag’s interior pocket.

Fendi Today 

From exotic skin textures to luxury furs, Fendi handbags, and purses are an incarnation of traditional flair and modern charm. Adorning your arms from mini Fendi handbags and purses to oversized totes, the brand never stops inspiring us with its elevated designs, extraordinary creations, and quirky twists. The allure of the classic Fendi handbags and purses is steady and so is their resale value, so if you have outgrown your love for the designer handbag sell them to Sell Your Bags for top dollar cash.


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