The Handbag’s Atelier Guide to Taking Care of your Chanel Bags

Designer dreams are made of Chanel!  Many first-time Chanel customers have already settled on the bag they want without pouring in much thought about how to clean a Chanel bag! The high price tag of the classic Chanel flap bag doesn’t exempt it from the splash of the pasta sauce, a nasty spillage, or a smear of lipstick. Even the most careful women experience that feeling of dread when a stain, scuff, or mark appears on their prized possessions. Instantly a flicker of anxiety muddles your thoughts –can you wash a Chanel bag? Which Chanel leather cleanser to use? How to clean a White Chanel Bag?

To save you from the unwanted hassle, we are here to guide you on how to clean a Chanel bag. From prevention to storage to knowing how to clean Chanel gold hardware, this article will help you apprehend the basics of restoring Chanel bags so that their resale value might not be compromised. 

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First thing first; give your Chanel bag the protection it deserves

The classic Chanel brand is known for its timeless allure and the exquisite materials that these bags come in. From Caviar to lambskin to Chanel’s classic tweed, the designer brand flaunts so many silhouettes that each has its own needs. Here is how to clean a Chanel bag without damaging its pricey materials.

How to clean Chanel Caviar leather?

Caviar leather is the most resilient of all Chanel leathers. The grainy texture is less susceptible to scratches but having said that; the Caviar leather still needs regular upkeep to maintain its extravagance. In addition to that, knowing how to store a designer bag in the closet is quintessential to boosting its durability and semblance in the long run. Also, remember that the light color Caviar leather isn’t completely prone to blotches and color transfer, so be mindful of what you are wearing and what surfaces you are placing your handbag on.

How to clean Chanel bags without damaging the Caviar leather?

While the Chanel Caviar leather is utterly robust, learning how to clean a Chanel bag is prudent to avoid any exponential scratches on the silhouette.

  • First, wipe down the bag’s exterior with baby wipes that exclude elements like alcohol, fragrance, and oils to clean any day-to-day dirt or stains.
  • Put light pressure to get rid of stubborn spots. 
  • Like your skin needs conditioning and moisturization to sustain hydration, the Caviar and calfskin bags can be nourished with high-quality leather conditioners to add to their endurance. It will prevent them from cracking and drying out over time. 
  • Rub the conditioner onto the bag’s leather with a microfiber cloth and let it sit for half an hour to absorb. After that, gently remove any scuffs with circular motions. 
  • Ideally, it is recommended to condition your bags twice a year.

How to clean Chanel lambskin bag 

It is essential to understand that you can easily spoil the lambkin leather while determining how to clean the Chanel bag. The lambkin is notorious for its delicate composition, so using a good handbag leather protector is essential while steering clear of any solvent protectors containing oils and waxes. 

Knowing how to clean the Chanel bags is imperative because the lambskin should be treated as little as possible. Regular cleaning with the fiber cloth prevents any marks from settling into the leather. Furthermore, using an effective protector helps eradicate problems such as liquid staining and dye transfer. To maintain its appearance, store the Chanel bag properly with its chains tucked inside to prevent damage to the exterior.

Streak-free patent leather care

How to clean a Chanel bag if it’s made up of patent leather? Patent leather is extra glossy and easy to clean. For more stubborn smudges, wipe them with a damp cloth or use baby wipes or alcohol-free wipes to clean small circular areas. Stop to dry each area with a soft cloth as the patent leather bags may appear blotchy if they aren’t dried off instantly. You can also use patent leather cleaners to preserve the leather. Color transfer is also an issue with the patent bags, so it is mandatory to store the bag in its dust bag and Chanel box and avoid placing it on dark surfaces.

How to clean Chanel gold hardware?

Flaunting the perfect CC logo and the intertwined gold chain straps, the metal hardware pieces may oxidize or accumulate residue over time. Therefore, baby wipes or non-alcohol swabs can be used to clean the gold-toned hardware. To grasp effectively how to clean the Chanel bags, always know that you will have to work in smaller sections while quickly drying them off before moving on to the next areas. It will facilitate you in preventing streaking on shiny metal surfaces. If you are wondering how to clean Chanel gold hardware that has already been oxidized, apply a small amount of Brasso on a Q-Tip to clean the metal piece.

How to clean the Chanel bags from the inside?

Understanding how to clean the Chanel bag from the inside is as important as keeping it spic and span from the outside. While we don’t recommend inverting your bag to clean out the inner corners. Using a suede brush or microfiber cloth dislodges as much debris as possible. For suede or raw interiors, start with lint rollers and tweezers to pick up small particles in the seams and the bottom corners. If you don’t know how to clean Chanel bags with deeper set stains or marks, then avoid doing the job yourself. It is befitting if you seek professional Chanel bag cleaning services to avoid further damage and discoloration.

How to store the Classic Chanel Flap bags when they are not used?

If you want to know how to store leather bags in humid weather for more than a couple of days, these tips can come in handy to sustain the timeless investment.

  • Don’t put the bag away as soon as you come from outside. Let it air for a few hours.
  • Once aired, fill it with bubble wraps or parchment paper to maintain a regular shape.
  • Don’t overfill the bag, or else it will lose its original structure.
  • Place the strap and chain inside the bag so that it may not distort the exterior.
  • Store the bag inside the dust bag and Chanel box and store it in a well-ventilated location and away from the direct sunlight. 
  • Don’t store in an airtight box as it will eliminate moisture and result in a parched exterior. Let the lid off the box so that the bag can breathe.
  • Ensure you use a leather conditioner specifically designed for the silhouette to help it protect against dryness.

How to wear the Chanel bag?

Knowing how to clean the Chanel bag is not enough until you don’t know how to ensure your bag retains the perfect condition in the long run. 

  • To preserve the flamboyant structure, don’t overfill the bag.
  • To minimize the risk of color bleeding, avoid prolonged contact between light and dark colors.
  • Constant rubbing against the jeans will cause the bag’s exterior to scratch, scuff, or even worse.
  • Never use your bag in the rain, but if it gets wet, wipe it dry with a soft dye-free cloth or dry it naturally.
  • Be conscious of where you are resting the bag. Avoid extended exposure to sunlight or moisture.

The major key behind learning how to clean the Chanel bag is timings. If you have noticed the smudge make sure you remove it immediately. You can use hairspray on the cotton bud and gently rub it on the area where the stain has occurred. Remove the excess liquid with a dry cloth for watermarks and let the leather dry naturally at room temperature. The Fashion House also offers a program of services for Chanel buyers that allow each creation to last a lifetime. A five-year warranty is offered from the date of purchase that applies to the replacement of Chanel bag parts or any necessary overhauls to preserve each creation’s incomparable quality.

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