The most profitable way to clean out your closet by selling the bags you no longer love

Most individuals kick off the new year by spending time decluttering their home and clearing out the junk and the extra stuff that they no longer use in their closets and drawers. This stuff may include the following items.


  •   Designer clothes


  •   Classy handbags


  •   Designer shoes


  •   Accessory items


Since the world of fashion is constantly developing new trends, what might have been popular and chic in the previous year may have become ordinary in this one. Keeping up to the trend may require you to sell handbag that you no longer use and get new trendy one. Not only will you be able to recycle stuff, but it is also the most profitable way to clean out your closet.


Reasons Why You Should Consider Selling Your Closet?

Individuals who throw out their old clothing or unique handbags don’t really understand how much they lose. No doubt getting rid of stuff by throwing it away is way easier than making a productive use out of it.


We have listed down a number of reasons why you should consider to sell handbag and other stuff rather than throwing them away.


  •   It is a great opportunity to make money out of the stuff that is no longer useful for you.


  •   You might have a great chance to get rid of the classy handbags that take up extra space in your closet, hence, creating more space for other stuff.


  •   Your unique handbags will be given a second life and will be under the ownership of someone who will take the same delicate care of them.


  •   Reselling is a perfect way to update your handbag closet in order to embrace the latest trends.


Can You Make A Lot of Money by Selling Your Handbag Closet?

Before you start to daydream about huge stacks of cash flowing into your pockets and bank accounts, it is important to know that the amount of money you can make by selling handbag depends on a lot of different factors. Some of these factors are listed down below.


  •   The condition of the classy sling bags


  •   The brand of the trendy handbags


  •   The style of your elegant clutch bags


  •   The pictures of the item that you post in your ad


There is no specific limitation or even estimation on how much anyone can earn by selling designer bags. However, it also depends on the number of items you own and wish to sell. If it’s a bag from a famous designer and is in demand, you are highly likely to get more value if you sell the handbag.


All in all, the bigger your closet is and the more classy sling bags you have, the more you will be able to earn.


Useful Tips to Sell Handbags from Famous Brands and Designers

Selling your designer bags is an art and if you don’t act like an artist, you might end up in a loss. It’s your item and it is important for you to know its worth so that you can show it to the buyers as well.


To help you out, we have prepared several useful tips that will help you out to sell a handbag or multiple classy handbags efficiently.


1. Market Research

The first step that you would have to do is to research the market properly. Without a proper and thorough research, you would probably be placing items for sale erratically and blindly without hoping for a good deal.


In order to sell designer bags successfully, you would have to know about the bags that are in high demand, what is it that customers look for and what are the current trends in fashion.


In addition to that, a thorough market research will also enable you to know the price for various brands and designers so quoting a price to sell a handbag would become easier for you.


2. Only Choose Items That Are Worth Selling

In your quest for clearing out your closet, you may even list down handbags that might still be in trend. On the flip side, you may even list down items that are not worth selling as you may not get a reasonable and handsome amount for them.


Remember, whenever you open the doors of your closet and start inspecting your items, you may find a lot of good stuff to sell. Since people with average salaries love handbags from designers but cannot afford to buy new ones, they are always on the hunt for bags in pre-loved condition that were worn with care and can still serve them for a long time.


3. Capture and Upload Pretty Pictures

Capturing and uploading the right picture is one of the most important factors to keep in mind when you want to sell a handbag. The number of people approaching you for your bag is directly proportional to the quality and attractiveness of the picture.

profitable designer handbags


For this specific purpose, you are advised to use a good camera and choose a bright background. Other than that, your bag shouldn’t be dusty and should look tidy and fresh.


4. Compelling Descriptions

In addition to the pretty pictures, a compelling description also plays a vital role when you want to sell a handbag. An ideal description would comprise the items listed down below.

  •   Brand name


  •   Measurements of the product


  •   How much time has passed since you’re using it.


  •   Why is it worth being purchased


  •   Flaws in your product (if any)


Your writing should be so descriptive yet to the point that the potential customer should be able to imagine themselves wearing your item and thinking that no other item would be perfect for them in comparison to this one.


5. Setting the Appropriate Price Tag

Since it is one of the deciding factors for clients, setting the right price tag is a difficult task when you want to sell a handbag. You might always have a fear that you’re charging way too much and get no customers for it, or you may ask for too little and get less to none profit.


It is advised to do the market research for the bags of the same brand so you can have a better idea of the right price tag for your elegant tote bags.


Is It Better to Choose an Online Designer Consignment Store or An Auction Site?

You may feel like an online auction site is the obvious place to sell handbag as the fees is fairly low and you might get cash as soon as the auction ends. However, it is important to know that you will be entirely responsible for each and every step. This means that during the process of selling handbags, you will have to handle everything that it listed down below.


  •   Photographing and listing the items


  •   Handling all customer service


  •   Answering questions


  •   Fulfilling transactions


  •   Dealing with potential returns


  •   Dealing with fraudulent buyers


While some people are okay with dealing with everything and want all matters to be in their own hands, it may become overwhelming and stressful for others. Hence, choosing an online designer consignment store is also a great option for many.


Often known as resellers, the designer consignment sites are likely to command a higher price for your designer handbag as they understand that serious buyers recognize the benefits of shopping with a reputable resale company. Since there is a professional authenticator behind the sale and the handbags are backed up by a money back authenticity guarantee, the customers will be highly likely to pay more for their peace of mind.


However, if you choose to sell your bag with an online design consignment store, you will have to bear with high fees. In the end, it all really depends on you how much time, effort and responsibility you want to put in when you wish to sell your bag.

What Can Online Designer Consignment Stores Do for You?

If you want extra value added to sell a handbag, a reputable designer resale company is the right choice for you. Since their experts would have complete knowledge of your bag’s worth, you won’t have to go around searching “how much is my bag worth”. They will do the job for you ultimately getting the best possible price.


Not only will the experts handle studio-grade photography, but they will also produce accurate and compelling descriptions for your handbags. Other than that, proper SEO strategies will give a boost to the advertisements of your bag hence bringing in more potential customers. In addition to all of the above, the customer service will also be taken care of.


The Essential Tips for Choosing A Reseller to Sell Handbags


  •   Always look out for good customer care service and solid reputation


  •   Explore the commission structure properly


  •   Review their photos and listings to have a better idea of the quality they offer


  •   Ensure that an online consignor account is offered


  •   Be cautious of heavy promotions and discounts


  •   Make a decision to sell for cash or consign your designer handbag before approaching a reseller


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