why do women carry handbags

6 Reasons Why Do Women Carry Handbags


It’s no surprise that women and their handbags are practically inseparable. Most men still scratch their heads, wondering why women carry handbags and especially, why we are so attached to these portable storage units. The truth is, for us women, handbags are more than just fashion accessories. They’re our trusted sidekicks, our safe space, and our not-so-secret tools for keeping our lives organized.

While men are catching up with the trend of carrying handbags, it’s still rare to see a woman without her trusty purse, clutch, or a shoulder bag. It’s almost like these bags are an extension of ourselves, reflecting our individual fashion choices and summarizing the overall theme of our wardrobe.

So whether you’re a man figuring out the mystery behind your partner’s handbag obsession or a woman looking to relate and nod at the unspoken bond we share with our bags, stick around. We’re about to discuss all the answers to the age-old question of why women carry handbags?


Like I said, a handbag is not a mere add-on to put stuff in but a statement piece that broadcasts our style loud and clear. Let’s face it. In the fashion world, if a women’s handbag game is fierce, who needs words? Be it a loud electric blue Louis Vuitton Capucines or a Bottega Veneta Cassette bag as our quiet luxury companion, our handbags are the ultimate expression of our fashion forwardness.

The biggest reason behind why ladies carry handbags is that handbags allow us to translate runway trends into everyday fashion. With the right bag, the entire vibe of our outfits is transformed in a snap. Whether it’s carrying our world in an oversized tote or adding a dash of chic with a mini bag, we’ve got a bag for every one of our fashion moods.


What does a handbag mean to a woman? 

Well, among many other things, a handbag is our lifeline, our survival kit, our mini rescuer in a world of fashion emergencies. If I ever have a coffee spill, my handbag has my back with a napkin. When my phone decides to play dead, the handbag comes to the rescue with a charger. If I’m bored at the subway, I can simply pop out my AirPods for an instant music escape.

Another explanation for why women like handbags is that they’re literally our portable beauty stations with all essentials like bobby pins, safety pins, compact mirrors and emergency makeup supplies! And don’t get me started on chipped nails, definitely cannot move about without a nail filer to fix unexpected chips.


As a woman, I can’t stress enough how often we find ourselves feeling snacky during busy workdays. It’s like our stomachs have a mind of their own. That’s why, another reason why we women carry handbags is because they’re our personal snack haven.

Whenever I’m running low on energy, my lifesaver handbag will present me with a priceless granola bag stashed earlier. When my schedule gets crazy, and I’m darting from one meeting to another, my reliable lunch box hidden in my bag ensures I never go hungry. It’s the perfect solution for staying fueled and focused throughout the day, making my handbag my go-to companion wherever I go.


In a world full of surprises, us women need a rock-solid source of comfort. Our handbags do just that. They’re a familiar presence in our lives. Having our essentials close brings us ladies a sense of ease. 

If you think psychologically about what a handbag means to woman, you’ll see that our handbags become a symbol of stability and routine for us. They provide us with a certain control amidst life’s uncertainties. Like, my handbag is my designated storage for my must-haves like keys, wallet, phone, and other items, so it helps reduce my fear of misplacing or losing my items. 

Additionally, choosing and carrying a handbag that resonates with my individuality boosts my confidence and gives me a sense of self-assurance. 


Guilty as charged. Many of us women are impulsive shoppers. And, when it comes to indulging in my impulsive shopping tendencies, there’s one item that never fails to catch my eye: handbags. After all, there’s no such thing as too many handbags, right? This is probably why women’s handbags are so expensive. Because we can never stop buying them. 

With an endless variety of styles, colors, and designs, each handbag feels like a unique addition to my wardrobe. Plus, unlike clothing or gadgets, handbags always fit perfectly and never go out of style. So, whenever the urge to splurge strikes, you’ll likely find me browsing the handbag section, eager to add another stylish bag to my ever-growing collection.


A very underrated reason for why women carry handbags is simply that they help us with our multitasking. With many compartments and pockets, my handbag lets me efficiently organize all my essential items such as keys, phone, wallet, and makeup, allowing for easy access while juggling multiple tasks. All my Important devices that I require on the go such as tablets, planners, or headphones, are conveniently stored in my handbag, ensuring they are always within reach when needed.


And there you have it. All the non-negotiable reasons why us women carry handbags and will never stop. From being our fashion statements and snack havens to our emergency kits, our handbags truly do it all for us.

Be it chaos or calm, we can trust our handbags to be by our side and help us as we navigate through the thick and thin. 

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