Chanel Handbags and Purses; why you should invest in Chanel handbags today?

If you’re looking to invest your money, find out why investing in a Chanel Handbags and Purses is one of the smartest investments for you. In the landscape of stocks, bonds,  property, and more Chanel inched closer to Hermes this year. Rebag’s  2021 Clair report deduced that the French atelier is making gains on the index. Thanks to the iconic designs and appreciated market value, splurging on Chanel handbags and purses may seem like the most obvious way to diversify your investments today. Here is why!

For many vintage admirers, the main reason to invest in Chanel handbags might be purely aesthetics but their appreciating financial value makes financial sense to many of us. So if you are looking to channel your inner Carrie Bradshaw, the Chanel classic flap bag is not just a wardrobe staple but its value has increased by a whopping 70% over the last 6 years. 

Oh, Chanel! 

The savviest fashion collectors invest in Chanel handbags. It might not be the kind of financial portfolio a financial planner is likely to recommend, but the fashion forecast predicts a persistent surge in the retail price of authentic Chanel bags this year. 

Why Chanel handbags and purses are worth the investment?

You all must have heard that whether you are making a brand-new purchase or going for a pre-loved model, you can never go wrong with Chanel bags investment. In this blog, we are going to find out how true this is?

A foolproof way to make a profit from  Chanel Handbags and Purses

From flap bags to little black dresses, Chanel handbags and purses are one of the most coveted staples. Two years ago, I was able to score a Jumbo classic Chanel flap bag in resale for $3000 and today the same brand-new Chanel handbag and purse in lambskin canvas starts at $8,800. And if we talk about the preloved market, Chanel canvas handbags and purses boast a resale value of $4,000 to $5,000 depending upon their condition.

If you have outgrown your love for that designer handbag sitting at the back of your closet, Sell your Bags is the most authentic hub to earn top dollar cash for preluded designer handbags. Costing $5,995 on Dallas Designer Handbags, selling the Jumbo flap bag can save me twice the amount of my original investment. Tempting isn’t it? I often say that Investment in Chanel bags is like playing the safest stock that the IRS doesn’t track. 

Market analysis

The rising price point of Chanel handbags and purses for women intimidates savvy fashion enthusiasts to believe that the luxurious craftsmanship,  exponential designs, and limited styles are corroborated with steaming prices. In July and November, Chanel increased its prices by 15%. Then again market experienced an incredible 6% surge in March 2022.

Show off vintage vibes with rare collectibles or limited editions

The best thing that I adore about Chanel is that the fashion brand never fails to surprise us with its uncanny designs and super limited iterations. I always have an eye for rare designs to tame my urge to flaunt the unique styles and limited editions in the exclusive circles.  Of course, no woman wants to spoil her party look with a designer bag that is ubiquitous. This also provides an opportunity for investors- the fewer bags in circulation, the higher will be the resale value.

The rare vintage 90s mini wickers straw classic rattan bag is a true collector’s item that is nearly impossible to find in the preloved market. This black Chanel mini bag brings forth a fusion of beauty,  art, and fashion accentuated with the gold-toned hardware making it a truly timeless piece worth investing in. 

Reminiscent of the 1900s, the little cassette tape clutch retailed for $1600, was only seen once listed on the Fashionphile in 2004 for $9000 that was sold within 30 minutes. 

Classics always appreciate in value

Although the neon hues and bright colors might be enticing, they might not be quite so in fashion five years down the line. If you want to be sure which Chanel handbags and purses will increase in price, the trick is to stick with the classics and basic colors. Don’t get distracted by the designs oozing embellishments because investing in the most recognizable Chanel handbags and purses optimizes their future market audience.

Papped in the New York streets with a small Chanel classic flap bag slung around her body this week, Katie Holmes is all ready to reflect her summer style while giving you a membership to the exclusive status if you already own one of these Chanel satchel handbags and purses.

The luxury Boom in the resale market

The classic flap bag is Chanel’s best-selling bag in the secondary market. Whether it is Cavier, lambskin, patent leather, or Chanel denim handbags or purse, the coveted styles are subjected to a 35% increase alone in the past year.

If you are looking for the best Chanel handbag to buy in the resale market then you must be knowing that getting your hands on a preloved Chanel handbag and purse in the resale market for less than the retail price is now a thing of the past. Their thriving demand in the resale market helps Chanel owners to earn 99% of the retail value. 

From the high price tag to the sheer number of extravagant designs, the French Fashion house brings out new iterations of the classic Chanel handbags and purses that just makes us want to invest and shop for Chanel handbags even more.

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