What To Do With Your Old Designer Purses?

What to do with old designer purses because we simply can’t throw them away! I know how hard it must be for many of us to get rid of our expensive designer bags because we all have been there -saving every penny to invest in our favorite handbag. And once we have used them enough they lose their charm over time. Many of us have a pile of branded bags clumping at the back of our closet because we are keeping these classic staples for sentimentality’s sake. Are you struggling to know what to do with old designer purses? Then you have come to the right place. You would be surprised to know how easily you can upgrade, reuse, and sell purses online for cash. Let us show you how to play with old designer handbags this summer.

DIY and turn your old dusty designer handbag into something new

Over time your designer handbag wears out and fades away. But what to do with your old designer bag when you cannot flaunt it in public anymore?

All it takes is a little bit of creativity and imagination to spruce up an old leather bag. Many Fashion Houses collaborate with artists to revamp their classic styles to come up with playful iterations that fit the current trends. What if you can give your old handbag a makeover with DIY art? Tempting isn’t it?

How to make your old designer handbags look new?

In 2014, Kim Kardashian was papped showing off a Hermes Birkin hand painted by her daughter. The orange hand print with the splashes of blue, yellow, and white hues all over the bag added a playful look to Kardashain’s undertone attire. Inspired by the Kardashian’s statement, you can also add personal elements to your old handbags, like painting them to cover the wear and tear, adding fringes, and pasting some custom motifs to bring new life to the oldie. To glam up the masterpieces, you may add beads, stars, and pom poms to boast them in the public or keep them as decorative items in your house.

Sell purses online for cash

The allure of classic bags is steady, and so is the resale value. So what to do with your old designer purses when you don’t have time to create your own bespoke pieces? Can you make money selling handbags? The answer is YES! Whether you need a few extra bucks to sponsor your next vacation or you are looking to make space for your next designer purchase, adding a few consignment stores to your radar can help sell designer purses for cash easily.

How to sell designer handbags?

Selling purses online for cash has actually become more lucrative than painting your handbag. You don’t have to wait in long queues for hours to evaluate your bag’s worth. The availability of online consignment stores and auction sites has simplified the daunting process for newbies. All you have to do is type the keywords “sell my purse for cash” to know the best online options available on the internet. But still, a few tips come in handy when you are selling purses online for cash to enjoy the maximum profit.

  • Analyze the market trends to know the estimated price of your handbag.
  • Make sure your bag is store ready
  • Be more descriptive and explicit about the bag’s condition while using auction sites.
  • Hit the market at the right time
  • Vigilantly weigh your resale venues to know which platform is best to sell your purse for cash.
  • Online stores like Dallas Designer Handbags boast a one-on-one platform to get an appraisal within 24 hours and allow you to receive upfront cash for designer handbags within 1-2 days. It saves you from the cons and enables you to earn maximum profit based on valuation.
  • Face value matters! So proper storage for a designer purse is essential to maintain its longevity and resale value in the secondary market.

How to take care of your designer handbags?

To sell your purse online for cash, you need to be conscious of the appearance of the handbag. For that, we have enlisted a few precautions.

  • After a day out, it is never a bad idea to quickly wipe your designer handbags with a damp cloth or dry one depending upon its material.
  • Maintaining the shape of the handbags plays a major role when selling purses online for cash. Loss of structure may affect the price. Avoid overstuffing newspaper for a light interior as it may stain the lining.
  • The majority of designer handbags come with a dust cover. In case you don’t have one, use naturally breathable cotton pillow covers to protect scratches and color fade out.
  • Place your handbags in an upright position to maintain their structure.
  • Air them out regularly.
  • You can also place silica gels to avoid humidity.

Are you ready to exchange designer handbags?

What to do with old designer purses when selling purses online for cash isn’t convenient? If you have ever experienced buyer’s remorse after making a pricey handbag purchase, we feel you. Online retailers like Luxury promise and Rebag offer designer handbag exchange programs to help their customers create a revolving bag collection so that you don’t have to stick with old designer handbags for life. It is a win-win solution for everyone. The Rebag Infinity program allows you to use the bag for six months and then you may swap it with a trending one. It will set you back only 30% of the original purchase price.

Designer Purse rental

What to do with old Louis Vuitton purses when they don’t fit in your wardrobe anymore? Why not monetize them? Many of us have moments when we stare at our old handbags realizing that they are worth thousands of dollars but we actually have no saving accounts. Just tap into a second income stream by renting designer purses!

Selling a purse online for cash yields a one-time profit. Whereas, renting a purse generates a steady income stream for serious cash if you know how to do it right. When we talk about circular fashion, sharing is a part too. The internet has many reliable rental sites that allow you to rent designer bags on a four-day, weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis. All you have to do is pay their membership and upload pictures and details of your bag. You can get 60- 80% commission every time your item is rented by a customer.

We hope you won’t be dreading what to do with your old purses anymore! These ideas allow you to understand the notion of how you can put your oldies to good use. Whether you sell purses online for cash or adorn your hallways with decorative glammed-up classic pieces, you won’t feel sorry for owning women’s designer handbags in your closet anymore.

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