11 Ways How to Spot Authentic Designer Logos on Handbags

Fake designer handbags are everywhere these days, with online shopping serving as a breeding ground for knock-offs. The prevalence of counterfeit luxury bags makes it increasingly challenging to spot a fake. The logos on designer handbags play a crucial role in telling whether your handbag is the real deal or a replica. They’re like their fingerprints. Every fashion house has a unique handbag logo with a lot of thought and creativity going into each letter and symbol. These logos are like a stamp of approval and authenticity, signifying that you have invested in something well-crafted and genuine.

In this blog, we shall dissect the top 12 Designer Handbag Logos so that you can easily spot the real deal when you see one.

How to Authenticate Designer Logos on Handbags

Louis Vuitton

The iconic Louis Vuitton handbag logo is the LV monogram, consisting of an italicized, serif, uppercase letter “L” positioned slightly to the left and below a capitalized “V”. Below this symbol, the words “Louis Vuitton” are written elegantly.

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The “made in” stamp on LV handbags is in lowercase, with the initial letter of the country in uppercase. Ensure evenly spaced letters, horizontal alignment, and consistent vertical line spacing. The original stamp displays a short tail, round O’s slightly larger than the L, closely positioned T’s, and a shorter leg on the L. The lettering is notably thin and precise. On the flip side, fake Louis Vuitton stamps exhibit telltale errors such as oversized or oval O’s, wrong font or stamp width, uneven spacing, and messy embossing.


An authentic Hermès handbag logo draws inspiration from a painting by French artist Alfred de Dreux called “Le Duc Attele, Groom a L’Attente,” featuring a horse-drawn carriage waiting for the groom. The horse figure is larger than the human, signifying Hermès original mission of crafting top-notch horse saddles and bridles. Below that “Hermès” dons a distinctive serif typeface while “Paris” is in a sleek sans-serif.

The Hermes stamp on every authentic handbag is heat-pressed with no visual flaws. It says “Hermès Paris Made in France” which can be easily felt when running your finger across it. It has a perfectly consistent, centered, and even-spaced font that gets smaller across each line. The stamp is present just beneath the stitching. If the brand stamp is off-center, irregular looking, pressed deeply into the leather, or is way below the stitching, then you’ve spotted a fake Hermès.


Authentic Prada handbag logos feature an upside-down triangle on a centered ceramic plaque, occasionally rectangular, with a flat and smooth surface. The wording on bags typically reads “PRADA, MILANO, DAL 1913”. Newer items might include “MADE IN ITALY.” Focus on the ‘R’ with a distinctive indentation below the curve and an outward angle on the right leg; the absence of these indicates a potential fake. Similarly, in the ‘A,’ note the right leg extending slightly past the top like a cap, with the right leg larger than the left.

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Among all the famous designer handbag logos, Chanel has one that is truly iconic. It has two C’s facing apart yet linked together. On a real Chanel bag, these C’s are not just flat shapes, but rather actual three-dimensional letters interlocking. Look closely: at the top, the right-sided C sticks out in front of the left one, and at the bottom, it goes behind. If the logo on the handbag is flat or not perfectly centered both up and down and side to side, that bag is likely a fake.

Underneath the logo, you’ll see the word “Chanel” in all caps, with a bold and classy font, a bit like regular sans-serif but with some tweaks. The letters have decent space between them, giving them a broad, sophisticated look.


The double “GG” monogram is one of the most gorgeous elements of Gucci’s handbags and a lot of counterfeiters mess it up. Typically, a Gucci handbag logo has two big overlapping “G’s, kind of like they’re hugging. The top part comes together at a sharp point, and the middle is a bit thicker. If you notice any irregularities in the logo, it is likely a fake bag. Gucci has a simple wordmark, with plenty of space between the letters.

Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana’s primary logo is the bold, capitalized “Dolce & Gabbana” in black. The second handbag logo often used is the more common “D&G” abbreviation. Both feature bold, capitalized letters, with the ampersand smaller. The font is a modified Futura typeface. The third logo, reserved for lavish products, includes a gold D&G with a crown, framed in a laurel wreath on a white background. Established in 1985, the D&G logo is known for elegance, simplicity, and a consistent, luxurious appeal.


Balenciaga boasts two distinctive logos for its luxury bags. The first is a bold, uppercase wordmark with a unique, elongated font, notably featuring an asymmetrical “B”. The overall design is sleek, minimalistic, and typically monochromatic. The second logo has two back-to-back B’s in a monogram.
Bottega Veneta
The Bottega Veneta font logo has neat consistency. It’s always written in capital letters with organized lines, with even spacing among letters with serif details.

Usually, the brand logo on the handbags is a stamp embossed to the interior leather or suede with a “Made in Italy” line just below in a thinner, smaller font. The stamp is not sharp, but rather a more gentle press almost blending into the fabric.

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Kate Spade

The Kate Spade handbag logo is known for its simplicity and casual vibe, showing an all-lowercase wordmark. The brand proudly emphasizes its roots by incorporating the words “NEW YORK” in all caps just below the main name. Above the letters is an elegantly placed “spade” shape, over the s of spade.

Christian Dior

Christian Dior’s handbag logo typically features the iconic “CD” initials. The “CD” logo has interlocking letters and is often prominently displayed on Dior handbags, symbolizing the luxury and craftsmanship associated with the brand.

The design may vary across different collections, but the distinctive “CD” logo is a hallmark of Dior’s handbags and purses.

The Lady Dior handbag often includes a dangling charm with the letters “DIOR” on a small metal plate.

Miu Miu

The designer handbag logo for Miu Miu is unique and easy to recognize. It’s like the letter “M” split into two parts. The left side is full and round, while the right side only shows part of the letter, with a thin gap between them. The letter “U” has two curves that don’t meet in the middle and sit a bit lower. Fake Miu Miu bags might have uneven or slanted logos.

YVES Saint Laurent

Compare the “YSL” logo on the bag you want to buy with authentic handbag logo pics. In an original handbag logo, the Y’s left arm goes under the upper curve of the S, its right arm is above the S curve, and the S intersects with the L in two points with specific arrangements. The Y’s left arm should be thicker than the right, and the L’s vertical line starts wide at the top and narrows downwards. If the overlapping is wrong or unclear, or if the thickness is inconsistent, it’s likely a fake. Bags from 2012 to 2016 should also have four mock nail heads in specific locations.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, the logos on designer handbags function as unique fingerprints. They’re extremely handy in verifying the authenticity of a handbag. We hope this blog has provided insights into the distinct features of top-designer handbag logos, guiding you on how to spot the real deal and avoid falling prey to counterfeit copies. From Louis Vuitton’s iconic LV monogram to Chanel’s interlocking C’s and Gucci’s double “GG,” each logo tells a special story. It’s important to pay attention to tiny details like font consistency, spacing, and unique design elements to differentiate between genuine luxury and imitation.

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