how to tell if Prada is real

Crack the Code: How to Tell If Your Prada Is Real or Counterfeit

With its universally established reputation as a key player in the luxury industry, Prada’s fluidity and flexibility, brought by none other than Miuccia Prada, is unmatched. However, with the market flooded with counterfeit Prada merchandise, it’s crucial to know how to tell if Prada is real.

Many companies tend to take advantage of Prada’s popularity and growing demand by generating knockoff goods. These knockoffs are used to rip off customers who do not know how to tell if their Prada product is real.

You must know whether you are buying an actual Prada or, well, nada. Our team has done a great deal of research into the fundamentals that help in checking Prada’s authenticity. Keep scrolling to find out the key features to discover How to Tell If Your Prada Is Real or Counterfeit.

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The Real Prada Logo

Knowledge about all the little secrets the real Prada logo hides can help save you from buying a fake. The brand logo adorns the surface of all authentic Prada bags, wallets, shoes, and even label tags of Prada clothing. Here are some important things to inspect in a logo before making a deal:

The Shape

In authentic products of Prada like the bags, the logo is in the shape of an elegantly placed upside-down triangle. It sits on a ceramic plaque that is neatly centered on the leather. Some styles may even have rectangular plaques. These plaques are flat and smooth without any indentation or bubbly spots.

The Wording

The logo on the bags reads the following text: PRADA, MILANO, DAL 1913. Original Prada wallets will have “PRADA” with “MILANO” written under in a text that can be felt when you run your hands over it. This mostly applies to Prada shoes as well. Some newer items may have the text “PRADA”, and “MADE IN ITALY” written on them. Original Prada sunglasses bear the Prada logo, a ‘Made in Italy’, and a ‘CE’ icon inside the right arm.

The ‘R’

The ‘R’ in a real Prada logo is unique and can easily be identified. The right leg of the ‘R’ has an indentation, just below the rounded curve. The right leg also has an outward angle. If the indentation is absent or the right leg is straight, then the product may be fake.

The ‘A’

The ‘A’ in a real Prada logo can be identified by looking at the right leg, which goes above slightly past the top like a cap. Moreover, the right leg is larger than the left.

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Serial Numbers and Date Codes

Buying from third-party sellers can be a gamble. Therefore, Another important tip for identifying real Prada is by checking the serial numbers and date codes on their products which prove their authenticity. The serial number can be found on the authenticity card or the item card that is provided along.
Prada Authenticity Card: All Prada items typically come with two authenticity cards encased in black envelopes that have an embossed Prada logo on top. One of the cards is printed and the other is built similarly to a credit card. It has a magnetic scanning strip and contains data regarding your purchase. This data includes the date of purchase, the model name, the location it was purchased from, and the serial number. To verify the authenticity, simply contact Prada via its website and check the serial number online.

Additionally, inside every Prada handbag’s interior pocket is a small, white tag that has the factory code written on it that will help you know whether your prada bag is real.

Prada Material and Quality

Prada spares no expense in construction where quality and materials are concerned. All Prada products employ top-grade fabric in their craftsmanship. The genuine leather used in Prada goods feels light, smooth, and rich. Since 1984, the Prada Nylon bag has been a global hit which resulted in nylon being Prada’s signature fabric.

For checking Prada’s authenticity , look into the quality, which is exceptional in all its products including bags, shoes, wallets, apparel, sunglasses, and such. The leathers used are Saffiano, Vitello, Vernice, Cervo, and Nappa Gaufre to name a few. They make the item durable and more resistant to wear and tear over time.

If the quality of your bag, shoes, or apparel is subpar, feels heavy, stiff, or has a flashy look, then chances are you got yourself a counterfeit.


Inspection of the stitching can also be a helpful little nugget to tell if your Prada is real. Prada bags, wallets, and purses will have small and even stitching, parallel to the seams giving a neat and identical look. It looks straight and perfectly elegant without any loose threads or uneven bits. The topstitching has a slight upward angle. The thread used always matches the color of the product.

Fake Prada will have uneven stitching, with bits of loose thread or straight topstitching.

Prada Hardware

The Hardware used in Prada bags, purses, wallets, and other items also has tiny details to expose a fake item. Each zipper, lock, button, or buckle has top-grade quality with real stainless steel or gold plating. They also have tiny engravings of the brand name that are clearly legible and elegantly spaced. All pieces of hardware in a single item are either all gold or all silver.

The zippers on a Prada bag will open and close smoothly. On the back side of the metal, you may see engraved words like Lampo, YKK, Riri, Opti, and Ipi in correct spellings indicating the name of the manufacturing company.

To distinguish real vs fake Prada, check the metal. If it is discolored, flaked, or misspelled with absent engravings, it is a red flag.

Prada Packaging

The boxes or dust bags Prada uses are again, top quality. Boxes generally have a black color with the logo on top. Newer dust bags are colored white with soft flannel or silk with the correct logo on top that is printed in dark blue.

Black-colored logo, misspellings, or flawed font might indicate a fake.

Prada Price

Ultimately, every luxury item is charged a luxury price. If your item has a price that is too good to be true then it probably isn’t authentic. Ask yourself, why would any seller sell an original item for a low price?

If you are buying a pre-owned bag, do your research about its prices in the second-hand market before making a decision.

Check the Source

Lastly, the source you purchase from will say a lot about whether you are buying a fake or not. If you are looking for preloved and vintage Prada, it is best to avoid shady dealers who are unauthorized and can not bring forth authenticity tags.

Consider platforms like Dallas Designer Handbags that have a good reputation for ensuring vintage prada bags authentication before any sale.

Wrapping Up: How To Tell If Prada Is Real or Not

All the aforementioned tips and tricks will help you tell if your Prada is real or not. Before every purchase, start from the outlook and then dive deeper into the nitty gritties. Assuming everything fits perfectly, your purchase will undoubtedly be worth every penny.

If you have more queries, feel free to hit us up at Sell Your Bags where we would be happy to guide you and offer suggestions. If you are looking for more authentic luxury bags, check out our available selection and let us know which bag makes your wishlist.

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