A Detailed Review: My Thoughts on the Hermes Evelyne Bag After a Year of Use


A year ago, I splurged on the Hermes Evelyne bag TPM in classic black. Since it was my first designer purchase, I was nervous about the price tag, but I had been lusting over this bag for so long that I finally caved. Afterall, investing in a timeless brand like Hermes can not go wrong now, can it?

After I acquired this bag, it rapidly rose to the top of my go-to list, becoming one of the few bags I instinctively grab and go with. Now, after a year of use, I feel like I can give an honest review of my experience with the Hermes Evelyne bag.

What You Should Know About The Origin of Hermes Evelyne

Before we set out to explore the bag, let’s look into why it looks the way it does, with a more casual appearance as compared to the other Hermes bags. Evelyne Gertrand, the then-head of Hermes’ riding department, originally designed the Hermes Evelyne Bag in 1978 as a saddle bag intended to serve as a carryall for horse groomers. The iconic perforations actually served to allow the air to circulate and dry grooming tools like brushes and sponges.

Despite not being the most widely sought-after design, the Hermes Evelyne still holds immense appeal and is often the first bag many collectors acquire as a part of their H collection.

First Impression of The Hermes Evelyne TPM

When I first received the bag, I was stunned by how absolutely gorgeous it was. In classic black, my Hermes mini Evelyne bag seemed like the stuff of dreams. When I touched it, I truly understood why it is one of the most in-demand luxury bags.The leather was so soft and buttery. The unique shape immediately caught my attention. The design seemed relaxed and effortless, which is exactly what I wanted.

It featured a non-adjustable but interchangeable long shoulder strap. The prominent H emblem adorning the front of the bag cannot be missed and yet, it is subtly integrated into the overall flow of the design. As a true messenger bag, it exuded a relaxed appearance and felt like it will be lighter to carry.

All The Pros About The Hermes Evelyne TPM

Even though I have bought a few other designer bags since, but the Hermes Evelyne always stood out in terms of design as well as function. Just like I imagined, the bag was exceptionally lightweight, making it a breeze to carry without adding unnecessary bulk to my shoulder.

While this bag does lack interior and exterior pockets, I could store small items like lipstick, my wallet, and phone safely within the bag without any need for digging around. The cotton strap was impressively sturdy, boasting a thicker and more reliable design. Thanks to its webbed cotton material, the Hermes Evelyne strap stays securely on my shoulder without any slipping.

Other than that, its understated and elegant design is so versatile, that I could envision it complimenting my personal style with ease. Hermes Evelyne TPM colors are so varied that you can choose one that suits your own style. I went with black because I wanted something that would go with everything, but I can see how a brighter color would add a fun pop to any outfit.

Moreover, for all the new collectors out there, this bag can be a great entry-level purchase as it costs comparatively less.

Casual Aesthetic

The Hermes Evelyne bag was meant to emanate a casual and laid-back vibe to perfectly complement any everyday look. I found that its understated design and minimalistic aesthetic created a versatile look that I could dress up or dress down with. Its cotton strap was a bonus, as it added to the aesthetic while also providing a comfortable and practical way to carry the bag without sacrificing style. So, even if I was running errands or enjoying a day out with friends, The Hermes Evelyne always served as the perfect accessory to complete any of my casual looks.

The Quality and Construction

Of course, one of the greatest strengths of Hermes lie in the quality of its leather, which is simply unparalleled. This was Clemence leather. Supreme, grained, and absolutely lovely. Sometimes, I would find myself resisting the urge to pick it up and indulge in its luxurious scent. I must confess, this is not something I can say about the other bags I own. With some bags, unboxing can be such a letdown, as the scent of the leather is either faint or absent. But with my Evelyne mini bag, the smell simply added to the overall experience of owning such a coveted piece.

The construction of the bag was top-notch. With its meticulous stitching and raw materials, I can easily say that the bag has maintained its shape well even after being slung over my shoulder every day. There are only a few minor scuffs and scratches that are hardly noticeable. The hardware is still shiny and hasn’t tarnished at all.

Why Hermes Evelyne size is Important

The Evelyne bags’ sizes are a frequent concern among potential buyers. There are four versions: The really small one called TPM, the small one called PM, the big one called GM, and the super big one called TGM. They are also referred to as Evelyne 16, Evelyne 29, Evelyne 33, and Evelyne 40 based on how many centimetres wide they are.

While I got the Hermes Evelyne TPM, hopping on the mini bag trend, I suggest you get a size that fulfils all your necessities. Sometimes, when I needed to carry more items or bigger items, I would be let down by the TPM’s limited capacity. While you may be able to fit your keys, card case, lip gloss, and hand sanitizer along with your phone, some bigger items like a lunchbox or a water bottle will not fit.

My advice would be to consider the size that fits all your essentials for more functional use.


Pricing and Investment Value

I know some people may have a different opinion, but I personally believe that the Hermes Evelyne mini is reasonably priced, not just among Hermes bags but also compared to other bags in the market. In recent times, prices of bags have been increasing significantly so getting Evelyne TPM under $2000 is not so bad. Although the final price may be higher with tax.

Due to limited production, Hermes bags have a blooming demand and resale value. Getting an Evelyne bag from Hermès used to be a breeze – you could just walk into the store, inquire about the available colors, or even purchase one online. However, the times have changed, and getting any Hermès bag, including the Evelyne, has become quite challenging. It’s even more challenging to acquire the mini versions of the bag.

Wrapping Up

I believe after one year, the Hermes Evelyne TPM bag has certainly proven to be worth the investment. Its unique design, casual aesthetic, and versatility make it a standout piece for me. The quality of the clemence leather and the top-notch construction make this bag irresistible to wear and tear. The only minor concern for potential buyers is the size of the bag, but with four versions available, there is an option for everyone.

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