Gone But Never Forgotten! Everything you need to know the discontinued Louis Vuitton Eva Clutch

Pinning down the images of your favorite Louis Vuitton Eva clutch on the Pinterest board and capturing the snippets from the Harper’s Bazaar only to know that your favorite Louis Vuitton bag is discontinued. Heart-wrenching, isn’t it? It is rare to find that perfect bag your heart desires. And it is dismaying when the Fashion Houses discontinue their vintage items just like that.

The French atelier has broken our heart time and again by adding our wish list items to the Louis Vuitton discontinued bag list.  LV clutch bags were officially dubbed the TOP 7 best-selling vintage pieces by Louis Vuitton until Louis Vuitton Eva Clutch was discontinued in 2010, which was quite a shock for many vintage admirers.

Fashion is cyclical; what is trending this season might not be hitting the shelves next year. Designer handbags rarely make it to the 5 years benchmark.

Resale market, where luxury meets the budget!

The whole internet shuddered when the Louis Vuitton Eva clutch was discontinued from the LV boutiques. But thanks to sustainable fashion, resale is the most significant consumer trend, and we can take a sigh of relief as you don’t have to bid farewell to your favorite discontinued Louis Viton Eva clutches anymore.

As the world is inclining towards the circular fashion economy, the only way to get your hands on the authentic and gently used Louis Viton Eva clutch is by the preloved route. Just in case you have outgrown your love for a designer piece, you can sell your pre-owned LV Eva clutch at DDH for top dollar cash.

Why did Louis Vuitton discontinued bags?

The French Maison has been venturing into relocating itself in the competitive market by making the brand less attainable & more exclusive rather than catering to popularity.

Discontinuing Louis Vuitton Eva is yet the fashion house’s way to maintain its prestige by making them rare as limited editions are released every year. Surprisingly, most of the Louis Vuitton bags making their way to the Louis Vuitton discontinued bag list is mainly among the monogram style, and LV Damier Azur Eva is one of them.

Louis Vuitton Eva Clutch

The discontinued Louis Vuitton Eva clutch adorning the attire of the celebrities has long been the highlight of many TV shows, movies, and events. From monogrammed canvas to Damier Azur to LV Damier Ebene, Eva’s clutches come in all three iconic LV prints. 

Amalgamating an opulent blend of petite structure and luxuriously practical design, the Eva clutches are all about the details. The feminine round contours bolstered with the flair of thin leather offer a more casual look all day round. While the golden chain keeps you all glam through the night.

It will be amazing to know how spacious this petite structure is and the luxurious silhouette can withstand a lifetime.  The natural Vachetta cowhide leather piping ordinates the sides of the discontinued Louis Vuitton Eva clutch while the metal plate etched on the front flaunts a handwritten Louis Viton signature.

Louis Viton Damier Azur Eva clutch

The new interpretation of the Damier canvas, the LV Damier Azur Eva Clutch, was first introduced in 2006. At once classic, subtly different, this discontinued Louis Vuitton Eva clutch is a beautiful sister of Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene Eva clutch boasting a blue base and white checkerboard overlay.

This discontinued LV Eva clutch flaunting the cowhide leather trimmings is exquisitely crafted from the coated canvas in Damier Azur print. Whereas the versatility of the two straps makes it even better. Dripping in the extravaganza, the chain of this LV clutch bag can be seamlessly transformed into a wrist strap, while you can drape the longer strap across the body for ultimate hands-free convenience. 

Alas, it became a discontinued item, but luckily, Dallas Designer Handbags continues on the sustainable fashion cycle. While giving your wardrobe the LV feel without costing you the earth. This preloved Eva clutch is now available on the DDH hub at $895.

Damier Ebene canvas at the moment

The LV Eva Damier Ebene clutch is one constant from the Louis Viton discontinued Eva clutches. Boasting minimalistic aesthetics, the sleek design features clean lines and a petite frame flaunting nothing extra but comfort. The Damier Ebene has a black canvas base that has a printed checkerboard pattern in brown with a wristlet strap that adds to the  LV metal plate on the front.


Louis Viton Eva clutch discontinued, Why?

At the same time, the Favorite MM and Pochette Felicie boasted similar sizes and functionality. So the Eva clutch stepped down from its throne to notch up its exclusivity.

Discontinued Louis Viton bags worth anything?

The resale value of the discontinued Louis Vuitton bags boasts age, material, and rarity. The vintage bags & limited editions such as pre-owned LV Eva clutches, ALMA, and speedy often retain a high resale value in the secondary market.

How do you authenticate a discontinued Louis Viton Eva clutch?
    • Check the heat stamp; it should be crisp and even.
    • The thickness and color of the thread should remain consistent.
    • The canvas of Damier Ebene or Azur canvas should be matte.
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