Gone But Never Forgotten; An Insight Into The Best Sellers, Louis Vuitton Discontinued Bags On The Preloved Market

An inevitable rush of adrenaline rushes through the veins when your most coveted Louis Vuitton bag is featured in Harper’s Bazaar or Elle’s fashion week. Soothing your fashionista soul by pinning down every image on the Pinterest board, capturing the snippets from the Vogue magazine to notch up your motivation game, working extra jobs, archiving the snaps of impeccably classic old Louis Vuitton bag styles only to knowing that your desirable handbag will be enrolling in the Louis Vuitton discontinued bags list. Heart-wrenching, isn’t it? Saying goodbye to what your heart has been yearning for a longer time is such a dilemma. 

The notion of the trendiest designer handbags itself is exquisitely subjective to ever-changing fads. How can you call it to fashion if it doesn’t boast innovation, exclusivity, and newness? What is trending this season might be outdated the following season. So what guarantees a staple wardrobe? It is rare that a designer handbag makes it to the five-year mark, let alone become a classic like the old-style vintage Louis Vuitton bags. This means at some point; many coveted staples will be discontinued due to designer fashion surplus.

Circular fashion economy –Where fashion meets luxury

The notion of never being able to see your most favorite Louis Vuitton discontinued bags on the shelves can be despairing, but as they say, iconic staples never die!  Thanks to the sustainable fashion cycle, you never have to say goodbye to your favorite discontinued Louis Vuitton bags. Continuing on the sustainable fashion trends, Dallas Designer Handbags give your wardrobe the much-needed vintage feels that are utterly genuine and never gets out of style with a punch of Louis Vuitton discontinued bags. Inevitable, timeless, and classic, the fashion enthusiasts are leaning into the novel sustainable ways of refreshing their wardrobe by investing in the top-notch Louis Vuitton discontinued bags list without draining the bank account.

Why did Louis Vuitton Discontinue Bags?

Rumbling inside the house of Vuitton,  the whole internet went into a frenzy when news about some of the Louis Vuitton discontinued bags hit the vintage lovers. The Fashion Maison has been thrilled to venture into novelty and uniqueness by indulging in the realm of reinvention. Wanting no longer to be the entry-level designer label, the luxury house is relocating itself in the designer market by no longer catering to popularity but prestige. 

Boasting a hue of exclusivity and rarity, Louis Vuitton released limited editions every year to maintain the brand’s worth and exclusivity. Some of its vintage models are no longer adorning the shelves of the Louis Vuitton boutique. Most of the Louis Vuitton styles discontinued flaunting the signature monogram patterns, ubiquitous cuts, and seamless finishes to sustain their worth in the competitive market.

Let’s scoop into the checklist of the exclusive Louis Vuitton discontinued purses legitimately making their way to the Louis Vuitton discontinued bags 2021 list on the preloved resale market. From the petite Eva clutch to elegant Artsy, to the very feminine Tivoli to the Louis Vuitton’s favorite MM discontinued from the LV stores. We have penned down the list of the most desired Louis Vuitton discontinued bags which are a reflection of opulence and comfort boasting a part of the luxury closet and economic investments.

Louis Vuitton Eva Clutch 

The Eva is all about the details, unifying a glamorous amalgam of petite structure with a luxuriously practical design. The Louis Vuitton Eva clutch discounted for quite some time has been popular for so many years. The classical Louis Vuitton discontinued bag is a real head-turner from killing cocktail parties to coffee dates with your girls.

Its versatile carry style features a minimalistic design with luxurious details dripping in extravaganza. Wearing it as a crossbody to carry it as a wristlet, the subtle design flaunts three iconic LV prints; Monogram canvas, Damier Ebene and Damier Azur fabricated using vachetta leather. The elegant golden strap perfectly goes well with the large LV metal plate on the front. Boasting your minimalistic aesthetics, the sleek design is roomy enough to store your go-to lippie and mobile phone; the striking design has been among the top 7 best sellers by LV. 

When the Louis Vuitton Eva clutch was discontinued in 2010, it took many of us by surprise. At the same time, the LV line was proffering a few similar designs, inclusive of Favorite MM and Pochette Felicie featuring related sizes & functionality. So this pristine baby gave up its throne to its baby sisters. The good news is that this Louis Vuitton Eva Clutch Discontinued bag is now available in excellent condition at DDH, boasting a reasonable price tag under $1000 to give your wardrobe the much-needed overhaul.

Louis Vuitton Artsy MM 

One constant we would say is the Louis Vuitton Artsy MM everyday luxury bag. The functional version of this Louis Vuitton discontinued bag was introduced in 2009 with the exquisite Monogram canvas, and a year later, LV released the effortlessly glamorous version in Monogram Empreinte. Being an emblem of novel craftsmanship, weaved in utility, the tailor-made design for women unravels the sheer beauty that thoughtful design lends to it. 

From the large base, the slick folds with a pleated semblance to the striking handle the Louis Vuitton Artsy MM discontinued in 2019 spelling bounding women over a decade and continue to do so with its boho-aesthetic appeal. Synonymous with a hobo bag, the structural complexity adds to the minimalistic exterior boasting gleaming hardware with top leather trim. The Louis Vuitton Artsy MM was discontinued to release a revised version with a top leather trim to the beautifully handcrafted handle adorned with cross-stitching to avoid canvas cracking at the top. It is a masterpiece with refined touch to cater to the dynamic genre of women with exquisite taste and style.

Louis Vuitton Favorite MM

The meticulously fabricated medium-sized crossbody carry boasts a sleek design with clean lines and a petite leather chain strap. Kaley Cuoco was snapped by the paparazzi in her casual denim strap shots flaunting the multifunctional Louis Vuitton discontinued bag that not just befits every aesthetics but is deemed roomy enough to stack in your go-to essentials. The Louis Vuitton Favorite MM, discontinued in 2020  was initially released as a part of the Louis Vuitton basic collection in 2005, surviving a multitude of re-issues and changes in design. 

The handcrafted design features a classic coated LV canvas with a plethora of canvas options; Monogram, Damier Ebene, or Damier Azur. This Louis Vuitton discontinued bag instills style and convenience that is hard to beat. The dainty wardrobe staple is trending in the preloved market boasting a cost-effective investment to transit your simple muted semblance to jazzed up at a stroke. 

Louis Vuitton Monogram Tivoli 

Plunging into the sea of femininity and mysteriousness, this Louis Vuitton discontinued bag is exquisitely discreet from the other models in the market due to its deceivingly small size. It is the most unconventional design that shared the limelight in the early 2000s for its urban aesthetic appeal. Named after a scenic Italian city of Tivoli rich in history and numerous architectural monuments, this LV discontinued bag was first introduced by Georges Vuitton, boasting an elegant look in LV monogram print featuring two sizes GM and PM. The functional silhouette was curated from toile canvas and vachetta leather.

From rocking a cocktail part in your favorite monotone outfit to quick weekend getaways with the family, the Louis Vuitton discontinued bag oozes comfort and utility with the hint of sassiness. Lv removes this one of the exotic bags of the LV line,  from the shelves in 2014. But vintage lovers still adorn it for its rarity and unique shape. Still winning the hearts after decades, you can savor the essence of this quirky  Louis Vuitton discontinued bag at Dallas Designers hub.  

Louis Vuitton Delightful GM

Making you fall in love with the never-ending glamor, the classic, timeless staple can add a flicker of zoos to your monotone closet. It is one of those luxury Louis Vuitton discontinued bags that signifies an iconic collection of the It bag era with their dazzling design and stylish zipper. Nothing is more delightful than the sight of the Delightful tote that was first brought into the limelight in 2010 as a part of LV’s pre-fall collection. 

Pair it with your formal attires, or wear it with baggy denim and a white-collar shirt. It has an attractively simple appearance bolstered by a spacious inside that can transport you from office desk to lunch dates to running errands. The Louis Vuitton discontinued bag is deemed a perfect alternative to Never full. The golden hardware features a D-ring and golden brass details inching up the classic finish. The vintage style flaunts an urban take on the conventional design that boasts high-end fashion aesthetics. The discontinuance of this prestigious bag in 2017 increased its value, making it popular in the used market, thanks to its high-quality leather and long-lasting elegance.

While you might not be able to see your favorite Louis Vuitton discontinued bags on the LV shelves anymore, but thanks to the sustainable fashion economy. The resale market plunges to keep the heritage alive in our hearts by boasting a plethora of vintage styles that may have left their throne, but can never be forgotten.

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