Investing in the Vintage Hermes Handbag – An Ultimate Guide

As much as we yearn to fill our closets with the ultimate designer staples we can think of, the luxury fashion is just like that; overrated. But when the moment of glory comes and you are finally ready to treat your wardrobe with a chic investment piece, few bags rival the vintage Hermes handbags. The Hermes handbags and purses are awe-inspiring, jaw-dropping, and conveniently luxurious. Synonymous with timeless fashion staples, as expensive as they are, the brand’s luxury leather handbags and purses can’t be beaten on style, quality, and craftsmanship. The fact is that Hermes doesn’t sell their bags to just anyone! The only way for 99% of the women is to opt for the secondary market, selling Hermes handbags at slightly competitive market rates. Investing in the Vintage Hermes Handbag

An essential rule while splurging in the iconic fashion Maisons is to spend into something of low supply but high demand. Even with their jaw-dropping hefty price tags, the vintage Hermes Birkin handbags and purses remain some of the most unconventional purchases to get your hands on because they are exquisitely rare, highly sought after, yet proven to appreciate consistently. 

Boasting status symbol for the elite and ultra-rich, the sight of these handbags and purses as shown in the famous TV shows like Sex and the city, only a handful of Celebes including Victoria Beckham, Kim Kardashian, Lady Gaga, Naomi Campbell have been spotted while toting around with these vintage bags, Embarking onto the venture of love and luxury, finding “My first Hermes bag” can be a bit intimidating, and it’s not something that should be rushed if you don’t know the ABCs of investing into this coveted fashion staple. If you are forever pinning Hermes Birkin, achieving the Hermes Kelly bag, read on.

Investing in the Vintage Hermes Handbag – A sound investment?

The labor of love, dripping in opulence, the Hermes handbags are heritage pieces that corroborate the emotional value every story holds behind buying a Hermes bag. From  Grace Kelly being snapped by the paparazzi, hiding her pregnant belly with the Kelly bag in 1956, to Jane Birkin’s accidental airplane meets up with the famous Jean-Louis Dumas in 1981, the meticulous fabrication of the coveted Hermes Birkin bag has been the pinnacle of luxury in high-end fashion streets. 

A steady appreciation in value

From gold, silver, real estate to the stock exchange, the nontraditional investment has a stellar record while selling Hermes handbags in the preluded merchandise. In addition to the data released in 2017 by Bag hunter reveals that over the last 35 years of a spike in inflation. Hermes bags have surged in value by 500%. That’s the annual return of 14.2% instead of any of the returns in the S$P 500 stocks or gold. Continuing on the trend, Hermes Kelly and Birkin’s estimated value will keep growing in numbers with an increase of eight to ten times of their worth in today’s market value. The moment you walk about the Hermes store with your favorite stellar piece, the price appreciates. Buying or selling a Hermes handbag is a dicey gamble that immaculately depends on timings, scarcity, the condition of the bag, and your purchase price.

How much is the cheapest Birkin Bag?

The premium store selling Hermes handbags features a standard Birkin that runs over $10,000 or significantly more, considering the seamless exterior and leather used. The rare and exotic skinned Hermes Kelly bag or Birkin retails at three to four times more than that. And we are still talking about a single Hermes bag here. Hermes bags require an upfront investment. Surely you can put it on your Amex Centurion card. But there are no in-store credit cards and payment plans to cover the purchase.

Supply Vs. Demand

Being an emblem of luxury & glamor around the globe, Hermes Kelly and Hermes Birkin are the products of impeccably crafted designs and sturdy leather fabrications to maintain their value as collectible items. Due to the time-consuming craftsmanship and difficult-to-outsource materials and leathers, just a few limited antique bags are produced each year. This limits the ability to purchase the limited editions directly from Hermes, prompting you to struggle through the infamous year’s long waiting list. 

Dress and accessorize to impress and embrace yourself to return every day for the week to get a chance to adorn your wardrobe with the limited Hermes Kelly 25 edition. But guess what you won’t be able to choose your color or leather unless you investing in the Vintage Hermes Handbag limited editions owned by an online hub selling Hermes handbags at competitive rates than the retail market.

Ditch the never-ending waiting list 

Wandering into the Hermes boutique, picking up the Hermes mini Kelly bag, paying the bill, and then walking away, purchasing a Hermes Kelly bag is not just a piece of cake. Only a handful of blessed elite souls can get their manufactured editions every year. The online resale markets can notch up the fashion game for the rest of us. With the ever-changing designer labels fads, many women lean into a sustainable fashion cycle by selling a Hermes handbag at reputable online preluded designer handbags websites to earn way more than the original price. Yet, the popularity of these designer labels has led to thriving counterfeit merchandise.


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Don’t feel like waiting; the resale market is a lifesaver

The appreciated resale value of the designer label prompts women to sell Herms handbags for top dollar cash at the auction sites or to quench their craving for the latest editions. While paying for the name, you also fetch up more than 80% of what the previous owner invested. A lesser-known brand bag in similar condition, on the other hand, is resold for roughly 10% of the original price. So if you can afford it, you are plunging to a more economical decision that will hold its value. A sturdy Hermes tote bag in excellent condition can yield up to 100% of what the original owner invested. Whereas, selling Hermes handbags in pristine condition can give 120% of what the seller has invested in the first place.

Know your resale venue options

Now you can pull the strings without leaving your comfort zone. The internet is loaded with a plethora of online dealers to facilitate you in buying and selling Hermes handbags without any nuisances. The best way is to steer clear of auction sites and resellers than own an authentic repute. Dallas Designer Handbags is a one-on-one online dealer featuring meticulous inspection and authenticity of designer labels. A virtuoso of savvy investment, you can find the rare Hermes bags for every budget to indulge in the most convenient and valuable investment at hand.

The limited editions

The rare and valuable crocodile and alligator skin leather is sourced according to rigorous ethical guidelines. Therefore, the best value Hermes bags are more valuable on the resale market due to vigilant mandates and complicated procedures that Hermes goes through to manufacture them. Since high-quality ostrich skins are hard to find, Hermes has discontinued their fabrications. The discontinued but priceless editions are only available at auction sites where people sell Hermes handbags to the highest bidder. If you are a vintage lover willing to buy a pristine Hermes Birkin online at the auction site, you will be paying a premium over what you would have paid at a Hermes store.

What makes Investing in the Vintage Hermes Handbag worthwhile?

The prized Hermes classics, on the other hand, never go out of style. It is prudent to take into account if you are planning to hold onto that valuable investment for eternity. The sleek design punched with a hue of subtle shades, and monotone colors such a black, gold, beige, taupe will maintain its retail value even if you sell Hermes handbags after yonks. However, splurging into the seasonal shades can fetch you exclusive profits while selling Hermes handbags for short-term investing in the Vintage Hermes Handbag.

While considering the timelessness of the Hermes bag, invest in size and model that boasts an amalgam of comfort & luxury. The classic tones are hard to beat, whereas selling Hermes handbags with limited editions flaunting quirky designs yield higher returns in the resale market. From mini bags to Hermes totes expending in a roomy yet compact size is wise. The expensive crocodile skin in Hermes Birkin will cost you the earth, but only VIP clients can avail themselves of the offer. You need to keep it pristine to maintain its value. Whereas if you find someone selling Hermes handbags seamlessly curated with the Ostrich skin. Then the ridiculously hard-wearing material is going to retain its shape for years. The fine-grained, scratch-resistant Hermes Kelly 25 is a sought-after bag with a sturdy display of Togo leather, boasting a rigid shape for generations. 

Keep it pristine to yield lucrative returns

From keeping the pristine condition to securing the dust box, authenticity card, and serial numbers, selling Hermes handbags can be a bit intimidating because you can’t sell them to Hermes. If you have outgrown your love for the vintage bag, Sell Your Bags at DDH to put top dollar cash in your pocket within a day or two. 

Buy a bag you like! Purchasing a Hermes bag new or preluded can be a substantial financial investment. But also, It is not just about the investment portfolio. It is about your passion for investing in opulence and appreciating assets that will give you a long haul without breaking your bank account.


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