All about Hermes Kelly Bag and Its Different Sizes

The trapezoid-shaped elegant bag, made of premium leather and skins, can be seen on many celebrities’ hands. It is not wrong to say that Hermes Kelly’s bag is synonymous with wealth. The dedication given to the craftsmanship of these bags is on another level. Only one craftsman makes these bags by dedicating 18-24 hours. Hermes Kelly bag is Hermes’ most timeless production. There are a lot of details you must know about this bag before you buy it. We will help you learn about Hermes Kelly Bag and its different sizes so that you can choose the appropriate one. 

Why is the Hermes Kelly bag so popular? 

The Hermès Kelly handbags come in almost countless variations, considering the vast amount of materials available for their manufacturing. The numerous sorts of leather also critically vary to ensure differentiation for Kelly Handbags. The Kelly bag was initially seen in a calf box leather in the Retourne style. Calfbox is historical leather and the oldest, used by Hermès. This leather has an extremely smooth finish, making the handbags a refined look. Calfbox is vulnerable to scratches and watermarks, but with time, these flaws blend well into the product, creating a mirror-like texture. This durable, scratch-resistant calfskin leather was introduced in 1997. 

While it is rare, Kelly’s have been in the Sellier style using Togo leather. This specific type of Hermès Kelly is famously known as the Sellier Mou. Another among the classics used for the Kelly Retourne is Clemence leather. Sourced from cowhide, this leather is softer, heavier, and not as durable as Togo. Clemence Kelly Retournes will relax and lose their shape over time. Clemence has a shallow grain-like texture, which gives it a matte effect. The leather’s pliable quality preserves Kelly Retourne’s classic slouchy look. 

If you are looking to suit yourself with a more structured Kelly, the best preference would be the Kelly Sellier which is made with rigid, durable leather. Epsom leather is a widely used material for the Kelly Sellier. It has also been used to make Kelly Retournes, which is rare. The material’s firm quality allows this Hermès bag to hold its shape even after years of usage.

What sizes do the Hermes Kelly come in 

Hermes Kelly comes in various sizes from Hermes Kelly 15 to Hermes Kelly 50. However, the most commonly bought ones are Hermes Kelly 28 cm, 32 cm, and 35 cm.  The reason these three bags are commonly bought is that them being roomy yet not feeling too big. 

What is the best size for Kelly?

If I have to discuss the “best” size for Kelly, then it will be Kelly 25 and Kelly 28. These two options are ideal for everyday use and will fit all your essential accessories. Although Kelly 28 will be roomier than Kelly 25, it all depends on your preference. 

However, for some people, the most wanted to have remained Hermes Kelly 20. It was the most demanded and trendy mini bag. It became so hard to find in the market and was termed the “hottest.” 

What is the smallest Hermes Kelly?

The smallest Kelly bag is the Hermes Kelly 20. If we look into the measurements of this bag: 7.5 × 4.5 × 2.2 (width x height x depth).  Despite being the smallest one, it is chic and the most glamorous. The smallest Kelly bag, also known as the popularly known mini Kelly 2, is ideal for light use. It easily carries important things like cash, card, cell phone, and a few of your makeup. 

What is the most popular color for Hermes Kelly?

The most popular color for Hermes Kelly is black. 

Hermes Kelly Size Comparison:

Hermes Kelly BagSize (cm)
Kelly 1515 × 11 × 5 cm
Kelly 2020 × 16 × 10 cm
Kelly 2525 × 19 × 9 cm
Kelly 2828 × 22 × 10 cm
Kelly 3232 × 23 × 10.5 cm
Kelly 3535 × 24 × 12 cm
Kelly 4040 × 28 × 16 cm
Kelly 5050 × 34 × 25 cm

Below are a few of the styles discussed: 

Hermes Kelly 25:

This size Hermes Kelly 25 is famous for being a go-to for either day or night events or formal or informal. If you do not carry a lot with you, then this is a good option for you. This bag can be used as a clutch or shoulder bag and since it comes with straps, it becomes highly convenient. However, this bag is considered a “mini bag” as you cannot carry much in it. You may be able to carry a small wallet, smartphone, and keys. 

Hermes Kelly 28:

Kelly 28 is also known as the “sweet spot” of Kelly sizes. Hermes Kelly 28 is a good everyday bag where you can fit in your accessories, more than just a wallet and phone. Furthermore, you will know that Whether to choose between Kelly 28 or Kelly 32 is a tough decision. 

Hermes Kelly 32:

This one suits many people and is preferred for everyday use. It is known to be a fabulous size and ideal for tall people since they can carry their stuff more securely. 

Hermes Kelly 35:

Now, from here, the Kelly bags are directed towards being larger. Large may not be trendy as mini, but it sure is fabulous. From the look of Kelly 32, it looks like a briefcase and is designed for average-sized women. The bag works with both formal and informal looks. It is elegant and can also be used for light travel. 

Hermes Kelly 40:

This one is made in both Sellier and Retourne and can only be found in Retourne due to its rarity. Kelly 40 is also described as a slouchy bag and ideal for travel and business. However, if you fill it up with all your things, this bag might get really heavy. 

Pros and Cons of Kelly:

The best part about Kelly bags is their versatility. 

  • Whether you are wearing a formal dress or casual pants, you can style it with both. It is classic and timeless with a touch of elegance. 
  • This bag features a flap which when we close secures all your accessories inside. 
  • Kelly also comes with a shoulder strap, making it comfortable and convenient to carry. 

However, Kelly’s flap cannot be tucked in, and if the bag is left open, it looks unattractive. 

  • People frequently find the strap-and-turn lock closure “fidgety” and inconvenient, so many users ” compromise” by frequently just popping the flap over the turn lock and twisting the turn lock without putting the straps on. 
  • While this compromise makes it simpler to get in and out of the bag, it is not great for the bag structurally. This is because it places an excessive amount of the weight of the bag on the turn lock, rather than dispersing it through the straps to the structure of the bag.

Keeping in view all the qualities and variations of the Hermes handbags, it is evident that they come with a hefty price tag. Luxury does put a toll on your wallet, but you can suit your luxurious needs at affordable prices at Dallas Designer Handbags and enjoy high-quality second-hand luxury bags.

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