4 Essential Facts to Know Before Selling Handbags for Cash

From time to time new handbag trends are introduced in the market. Every time you want to get your hands on the new ones, have you ever thought about the old ones? Thinking about the old ones means they will get all dusty and rusty when completely ignored and kept in a wardrobe corner. Therefore, the idea of selling handbags for cash is not a bad one. The cash you earn can get invested directly into the new handbags. Also, selling bags can help create more room for your stuff. So in this blog, we will help you identify 4 essential facts to know about before selling handbags for cash. 

Do your research for selling handbags for cash

If you own luxury handbags like Hermes or Chanel, then you need to have a piece of complete knowledge of their features. Nobody wants to spend thousands of dollars on a beautiful bag. The only reason these luxury handbags have a high resale value is that they are crafted with high-quality materials and premium skins. List out the exact mode, size, color, and exact kind of material used. For instance when you decide to sell your Gucci bag for cash and label it as the “purple Gucci bag” is not as appealing as the “purple leather with purple brass hardware and detachable chain shoulder strap, Gucci Horsebit 1955 mini bag.” 

The accurate information will help you immensely in selling your bag at the right price. You can also check the price of a similar bag online and compare your bag with theirs. This will also help in determining the price of your handbag.  So sign up at Sell Your Bags as it is the best place to sell designer handbags. 

Gather all the original hardware and accessories of the bag 

Now one question that could come to your mind is “how much is my designer bag worth it?” this depends on you. It depends on how you condition your bag and how well it is kept. The better the bag is kept, the more the bag will be appealing. If your bag is damaged, then you will have to bring your price down. 

Another factor is that all the original accessories and hardware are attached and available with the bag. This factor automatically raises the worth of the bag. These factors also contribute to proving the authenticity of the handbag. 

Trust the right platform to avoid scams 

There is a tonne of websites and stores that will help you sell bags at incredibly low prices to customers looking to expand their collection of handbags. Choose well-known and reputable resale websites so you can sell designer handbags without having to go out and negotiate prices with buyers at various stores or at the market. The most excellent place to sell your designer bags must be chosen after you have completed your study and gathered all the necessary components. You should also know which online platform will be more suitable for which brand like where to sell Prada bags and where to sell Gucci bags for cash. 

Even if you take meticulous care to record each step of packing and shipping your prized handbag, once it is out of your control, you have no way of knowing whether it arrived in the same condition it left, or even if it did at all. The buyer demands a refund since they say the box was delivered empty. The purchaser wants a refund and alleges the bag is fraudulent. They also returned another bag. The buyer demands a refund after claiming the bag is fake and taking it to the platform’s “authenticators,” who are frequently inexperienced and risk damaging the item. The purchaser wants to return the bag after using it and perhaps harming it.

Document your handbag properly 

When you are selling your handbag online, make sure the pictures you are going to post online for people to see are of high quality. The details of the bags are supposed to come off clearly. For this purpose, you need to have a good camera that can capture your bag exactly as it is. 

Then your background needs to be clean and clear, so it is not distracting for the viewers to see. Capture your bag from different angles and take pictures from each side and from inside too.  Then, capture the brand logo, so the viewers can clearly see which brand it belongs to. 

Then, listing out all the details of the bag is extremely important when you will post the ad for the bag. Writing exact information will help your viewers to not get confused and know what they exactly want. Then, mentioning the condition of the bag is also important as for how long it has been used. This is all important because if anything is not clearly mentioned, the buyer will have the right to sue you for the scam. 

Now that you know 4 essential facts to know about before selling handbags for cash. To summarize, ensure the best place to sell designer handbags and how much is my designer bag worth—research what the audience wants e.g. who buys Gucci bags. So now as you know what to do with old designer bags, choose trusted platforms like Dallas Designer Handbags or Sell Your Bags and make sure you sell your handbags for the price they are worth. 

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