Best Place to Sell Designer Bags (Top 3)

Since the advent of online marketing, ever-expanding e-commerce took over the business sector, including the handbag and purse industry. Increasing at an unprecedented rate, the digital market gives you an opportunity to sell and purchase products more efficiently than ever. If you are a retailer, then there isn’t a better place to sell handbags than the mighty internet. The benefits of selling handbags online cannot be compared with brick and mortar shops because the former is superior in all manner.

Even if you aren’t a professional, digitally selling products has an upper level. You might have a wardrobe full of luxurious handbags that you haven’t touched in a while, screaming to be resold. Why don’t you sell them away, recruit a good value, and make room for some latest items? Either reinvest in some modern bags or fulfill your financial necessity — the options are countless. It sounds intriguing, right? Of course, it does. Read on to find out more reasons and benefits of selling handbags online. So, let’s dig in.

Benefits of Selling Bags Online

Reach a Bigger Audience

With brick and mortar shops, your audience is limited. Only a finite number of people can physically visit you in person, meaning the visitors have geographical boundaries. Since digital platforms know no such limits, thereby increasing your reach, allowing you to reach gazillions of internet users. You can not only sell in your locality but also across cities and political borders. How impressive is that?

Also, if you are looking to empty the wardrobe, the online method is obviously faster. You can find a good number of people that are interested in your product and choose conveniently the highest payer. Or, you can reach out to reselling platforms for immediately getting rid of your products in exchange for handsome value.

High Resale Value

As you might have already guessed, the return isn’t constant, depending on many factors. It is no brainer that the state in which the bag is in controls the overall value. For instance, well-kept products, having no flashy signs of tear and wear, gives out incredible resale value. While worn-out products with missing parts or prominent scratches worth nothing. This gives you another reason to take care of your luxury handbags if you ever want to sell purses online.

Regular bags aren’t built to last. They may deteriorate and become threadbare fast. High-end designer bags, on the other hand, are crafted with excellence, allowing them to withstand the test of time. It means they are durable enough to last for a long time. And if survived, which they will most likely do, you can even sell them after a decade.  

Bags from renowned names like Louis Vuitton and Hermes retain their value brilliantly. All thanks to their unrivaled quality and finest craftsmanship. Neither will the bag’s leather falter, nor the embellishments will come easily off. They may cost thousands of dollars, but in the end, you would be able to recruit more than half of the value. In most cases, customers get back around 60% of their original investments.

Ultimate Convenience

One of the obvious benefits of selling handbags online is the convenience of the internet. You wouldn’t have to move a muscle to sell a designer handbag from home. Just take some clear pictures, upload them, and wait for the customers to reach you back. Whereas in the conventional method, you have to exhaust yourself by going from one shop to another, which is pretty tiring. That is why people have pronounced their old ways and are quickly adopting the new way and improved way to digitally sell designer handbags for cash.

Some online sites take convenience to another level by picking up the products from your home. They reach out to people having quality second-hand designer bags and collect them themselves. The seller still receives a handsome commission, ranging from 10 to 60% of the market value. But they don’t just provide the service for every bag, but rather the ones that are maintained and have retained their shape.  You have to confirm the quality by sending them pictures of your bags. After the assessment, they will decide whether the condition is up to par or not.

A Faster Way

This goes without saying, that digitization has made everything faster, including the marketing sector. From putting the product on the internet to getting it sold, the procedure is superior and timeless compared to the old ways. You are able to reach a global audience, especially when you are listing your products from a renowned platform.

Also, with the online payment option, you can deal with the customers more conveniently. And it takes almost no time to pass the payment digitally today. So, start getting rid of your designer bags and reap the countless benefits of selling handbags online.

Good Return on Investment

Thinking about investment, luxury designer handbags aren’t the first thing that comes to your mind. You would be stunned to find out that they are a better investment than art nowadays. As mentioned earlier, designer bags don’t lose value fast and almost never go out of fashion. While bags from industry giants — Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Dior, Chanel, and many others — even increase in value over time.

In a single decade, the prices of some products have gone 83% up, which is a huge figure if you take the product’s original price into account. But that doesn’t apply to all of the brands.

Over the last few years, Hermes’ products have gained an unimaginable spotlight. Firstly, because the products are highly limited and the brand launches something new rarely. Also, it takes a considerable time to construct a single stunning Hermes designer bag.

A 2019 auction showed incredible results when the Hermes Birkin bag was sold at a whopping $125,000, which was double the original retail price. So, take out your old items and sell handbags from home. You might still be able to make a good return on investment.

What is the Best Place to Sell Designer Bags?

Whether you want to empty your wardrobe, or make some money, selling luxury handbags can prove useful. Now, you must be thinking “how can I sell my handbags”. The answer is by reaching out to the following sites:

Sell your Bags

One of the benefits of selling handbags online to this site is a great return on investment. The site allows you to hassle-freely cash your bags and receives the payment in a few days. Plus, you get to keep the most profit. All you have to do is take at least five images and send them. They will answer with a price tag if the item is worth purchasing.  Next, just ship the product to the company and receive your payment shortly. Therefore, it is, without a doubt, the best place to sell designer bags. Furthermore, it isn’t just valid for designer bags, but also for your other luxury items — shoes, bags, jewelry, etc.


Another reputable site to recruit maximum value from your precious handbags. Send them a few images of the product for an estimated price tag. If it suits you, ship them the item to get paid right away. The site offers an enormous range of renowned brands like Hermes, LV, and Dior, allowing you to re-invest in your favorite product.

The Real Real

The site is known for its versatility, providing you with three ways to get sell your items away. You can either ship the bags to them, visit their nearest center, or even call them to your home for authentication. It doesn’t matter which way you choose; you will still get a huge commission ranging from 40 to 70%.

The end value usually depends on the product’s popularity, the current condition, and the brand name. So, start selling your handmade bags online and make a huge payday.


Even though the benefits of selling handbags online are many, it isn’t easy to pull off. There could be a hundred questions in your mind right now. So, here we have covered some of the most common ones:

How to set prices for Handbags?

Search online for what you are intending to sell to determine the resale price spectrum. Or, the best way to do that is by getting a free price quote from any of the afore-mentioned online platforms. You might have to send them some pictures to get the estimation.

How can I market my Handbag online?

If you are trying to sell some handbags, you should know that the competition is fierce. There are already hundreds or maybe thousands of similar products floating around, waiting to be bought. Yours must stand out or reach more audience if you want it to be sold fast.  The best way to do that is by targeting the right audience, using an efficient marketing strategy, and selecting the right marketing medium.

How long does it usually take to sell a Handbag online?

One of the biggest benefits of selling handbags online is the fast reselling process. If you have found the right buyer, it may take just a day, or in some cases, hours. But it certainly depends on man factors — the product popularity, quality, and the demanded price.

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