What Handbag Trends does 2020 bring? Handbag Marketplaces in 2021

Change is an inevitable rule of the modern-day fashion world. Something which is popular today may not be the same tomorrow. However, there are exceptions like perpetual handbag trends in 2020, that consistently remain on top of the industry.

Despite the ever-changing nature of the marketplace, why some designer bags are always trendy? It is maybe because some brands have maintained high-quality standards, making them a desirable option regardless of the time. This is just not it, and there are several other contributing factors to why trendy handbags remain popular throughout the year. Let’s find out more. You can sell your handbag merchandise at sellyourbags now.

Reasons why 2020 Handbag Trends will Reign

1. Trickle-Down Effect

Women know that something as simple as a handbag can make or break their style. To always look fine, they seek the best trendy handbags in the industry. And “best” is a subjective term, which is predefined by the experiences had by the notable people of the industry. They have set the standards, and others are psychologically compelled to follow. That is because people look up to the stars, they have watched while growing up. 

The perception revolves around the industry — from top to bottom just like the trickle-down effect. It is rooted deep in people’s minds, which is hard to change unless someone introduces a better product than the trendy handbags.

2. They are Timeless

Countless designs are introduced every year, but only a handful of them lasts a long time. The same goes for designer handbags. Some are timeless which you don’t throw away or sell after using a couple of times. But they stay with you for an eternity. You can wear them in every season without having to worry about being unstylish. Often, they are termed as “classic” fashion that stands the test of time and trend.

Here are a few timeless and trendy handbags from some of the most popular handbag brands out there:

  • Hermès ‘Kelly’ bag
  • Lady Dior’ bag
  • Fendi ‘Baguette’ bag
  • Loewe leather-trimmed raffia trendy tote bags
  • Gucci ‘1955’ horsebit bag
  • Anything from Prada’s ‘Nylon’ collection 

3. Unrivaled Quality

Nothing rivals the materials used to manufacture a single designer handbag. It is of the highest quality, making these bags a worthwhile investment.

The best handbag brands are known to work only with the suppliers that meet the highest quality standards. And right from the origin, they take control of the supply process. For instance, if the raw material is leather, they will supervise the process from the acquisition of the material to the preservation and processing.

Back in 2012 and 2009, Louis Vuitton — a popular handbag brand — took over many tanneries. It was all part of the brand’s grand scheme of manufacturing the most popular handbags.   

Moreover, other giants like Hermès and Chanel took control over many tanneries in France to compete with their rivals. The former one has gone further in the race and now owns alligator and crocodile farms to manufacture products from their skin. These actions may sound extreme, but they are essential to maintain the standards. And that is how they produce the most trending handbags.

4. Celebrity Influence

How can you tell what is the hottest designer bags right now? Just look at what the celebrities are wearing, and you would know. Fashion trends are directly influenced by high-profile individuals, including celebs, musicians, politicians, movie stars, etc. These public figures devise what we call fashion, no matter how bizarre. And we follow because we look up to them and use them as a source of inspiration.

They influence by repeatedly carrying stuff and looking gorgeous. Here are 10 handbags celebrities are wearing on repeat on events, magazines, and social media.

  • Rosie Huntington-Whiteley wore a Bottega Veneta Pouch fifty times.
  • Emma Roberts and Alexa Chung were seen with Chylak Belt Bags.
  • Bella Hadid, Kim Kardashian West, Rita Ora exhibited their Dior Saddle Bag on Instagram.
  • Senreve’s Maestra Bag is a favorite to Olivia Culpo, Olivia Palermo, and Gabrielle Union.
  • Jessica Alba just loves her Dior Book Tote and doesn’t go anywhere without it.
  • Kim Kardashian showed off her style with lizard-print Hermès Kelly Pochette many times.
  • Vanessa Hudgens takes her By Far Rachel Bag everywhere.
  • Lucy Hale was seen with Saint Laurent Vicky Bag many times.
  • Selena Gomez’s vacation is incomplete without a Staud Bisset Bag by her side.
  • Alessandra Ambrosio traveled the world with her Loewe Gate Bag.

5. They are Worth the Investment

The words “investment” and “handbags” go together. But why? Because of two reasons — they are timeless and their value increases. The best way to invest your money is to buy the classics in any fashion genre. For instance, the best designer handbags like the Louis Vuitton Alma Bag, Gucci Quilted Trendy Shoulder Bag, and Dior Saddle Bag almost never go out of fashion. But rather their price increases over time.

They are considered as “financial investments” or “wardrobe investments.” You can wear them for years, and their price will only go up. Later, you can sell them and recruit a good deal of your initial investment, depending on the condition of the product. Additionally, there are several sites that take in used designer handbags and pay you good in return. Here are a few platforms to sell your trendy handbags:

  • Vestiaire Collective
  • Fashionphile
  • Red bag
  • Luxury Garage Sale
  • Bob’s Watches

But the trick for a good investment is to choose a product that stands the harshness of time. Make sure you go for a classic design, having a neutral color and durable material. Such traits are most common in classical trendy handbags. Check the latest handbag trends on Dallas Designer Handbags.

6. Trendy Handbags are a Piece of Art

In addition to the functionality, a designer pays much attention to the smallest detail of the product, increasing its aesthetic value. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that most of the designer bags are pieces of art.

Though It answers every prevalent question like “why Louis Vuitton is unimaginably expensive?” It is because you are not investing in a regular-looking accessory, but rather the finest work of art. Everything from the material, stitches, to the looks and embellishment, complements each other. The artistic minds behind such masterpieces make sure these bags never grow old.

7. Indestructible Louis Vuitton Bags

Have you ever wondered why Louis Vuitton is the most popular designer handbag brand? Even though it is also the most expensive, no other brand rivals its reputation All thanks to their indestructibility, considering they are waterproof as well as fireproof. Why don’t you set it on fire or throw it in a pond to check it out? It will stand firm. This is also the reason why LV’s trendy designer handbags reign over the industry.

Cow-hide leather is the magic behind their incredibly durable bags and purses. Plus, the company runs various tests to make sure the quality of the products is intact. For example, the bags are dropped repeatedly for several times from a certain height to check the durability. The test also includes repeatedly opening and closing the zippers for more than 5000 times. This ensures that no matter how rough you use the product; it will not wear. Lastly, ultra-violet ray light is used as a depigmentation test. Remember a real LV bag will fade from light brown to dark brown. If the shade is darker than anticipated, it is not a real LV product.

8. Buying Them is an Accomplishment

No matter how rich you are. There is a designer bag brand that will make you think over the purchase twice. Names like Hermes are one of the most outrageously pricey brands, giving out extravagant designer bags choices. The price tags are no joke — it ranges between $10,000 and $120,000. You have to be ridiculously rich to afford Hermes’ trendy handbags. But one thing is for sure, they neither go out of fashion, nor their price reduces. So, it is safe to assume that Hermes bags are the Best Designer handbags to invest in 2020.

9. It takes a long to Complete a Designer Bag

Unlike regular bags, trendy designer handbags are made by hand, which takes a long time to manufacture. Everything from the stitching, designing, to embellishing, requires an eye with great attention to detail. Therefore, for a thousand machine-made regular bags, there is one designer bag.

For example, a simple bag like Hermes Birkin bag takes several days to complete. Meanwhile, a factory could create a mountain of machine-made bags. Further, one of the Hermes’ most trendy handbags —Kelly bag has at least 2600 stitches, and it takes more than a few months to put it together.

10. The Bags Circulate

When you look at handbag trends 2020, you see the same designer bags as last year. They don’t wear off fast because of fine craftsmanship. Highly talented and skilled labor is involved in the process to make a single item, ensuring high quality. When people get tired, they give their bags away.  They are either sold or donated to sites such as Fashionphile only to be displayed again. As the trendy handbags never lose their value, they keep on circulating in the community.

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