Major Difference between Designer Handbags and Replica Handbags

designer replica handbags

People are often scammed when they buy designer bags from different websites or shops with cheaper-looking replicas that the sellers claim to be authentic.  If you want to save yourself from any type of scam or misunderstanding, here is a useful guide that can help you differentiate between the best designer handbags and replica handbags. Keep on reading to know more about these easy-to-spot differences. you can buy authentic handbags from Dallas Designer Handbags.

How to Spot Designer Handbags and Replica Handbags

Cheap Material of Replica Handbags

The first thing you must check when buying the best designer handbags is the fabric that is used to make the bag. As real designer bags are quite expensive, all the money is put into the quality of the fabric that is used to finish the inside and the outside of the bag.

So if you want to differentiate between a designer handbag and a replica handbag, then go ahead and check the quality of the fabric as the replicas usually have cheap, non-durable fabrics that can fade and rip when used often.

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You can identify the quality of the fabric by just running a hand over to see if the fabric is soft, smooth, and thick, which proves that it’s authentic. Or if you feel that the material is thin, crusty, and just all over weak, then you would know it is either a replica handbag or a designer knockoff handbag.  You can also see if the leather feels like plastic or the dye of the fabric is weak and splotchy, then it’s probably a replica.

Unusual Prices

You must wonder, ‘Why are designer bags so expensive?’ Well, all the high-quality fabric, hand-stitched finishing, and durable fixings require a lot of money. So if you find a said ‘designer bag’ or a replica handbag of a designer bag at an unusually low price when compared to the prices of an accrual designer handbag, then know that it is not an authentic designer bag made by the company.

If a seller offers you a designer handbag for a price that is too low for a designer handbag, then instantly refuse as it would be a replica or a low-quality knock-off designer handbag. The best designer handbags offered by real brands will charge you the price worth the handbag and the hard work that was put into it.

Even if you see a website that sells low-priced best designer handbags in the name of a rand sale or something similar, immediately know that it is a designer replica bag, not an authentic one.

Authenticity Card

The best designer handbags have an authentication card or tag inside the bag in a corner that states that the bag belongs to the company and the date of manufacturing, etc. This specific thing can be hard to identify as the replicas or the fake ones try their best to duplicate and make it look similar to the real ones.

Authenticity Card: designer replica handbags 

But some tips can help you identify the original authentication cards and know if the bag is a replica handbag or not. The first thing you must check is the font of the text and compare it to the real ones that you can find online. You can also check the number type on the top of the tag that is different from a new one.

Other than that, the fake-looking symbol sticker on the upper right corner can also give away the authenticity of the tag as well as the bag. One last thing that can easily help you identify the real authenticity card is the gold trim around the border that is present only on the real ones.

On the other hand, some of the brands like Hermes and Louis Vuitton don’t have authentication cards in their designer handbags, so if you find a bag of the same brands that have one present in it, then it’s probably a fake. Also, interior labels of the best designer handbags will state that they are made in an authentic place like Italy or France but the fake ones will state that they are made in China, Taiwan, or Hong Kong.

Dull Colors

One of the other points that can help you identify a replica or knockoff designer handbag is the dull colors of the bag. When the style and the print of the bag are copied, the low-quality work usually prints off the wrong or dull colors that may be similar to the real ones but they seem faded and dull overall.

Also, as it does not have much money put into it, the sellers or the makers don’t use high-quality dyes while making the bag which results in low-quality colors that dry out, fade, or get washed away with time. The colors on the replica handbags are less bright, lose their shine quickly, splotchy at various spots, and fade.

Faulty Logo

One of the main things that can help you differentiate between designer handbags and replica handbags is the logo. The most common mistake that the replica sellers make is the spelling of the brand’s logo.

For instance, Prada is usually spelled as Prada which is hard to point out due to the font or the design but it can be pointed out if you pay attention to it. You can always look for interior linings that have the logo printed on them in detail. But the replicas often lack this detail, which ultimately helps identify the authentication of the best designer handbag.

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Also, even if the replica sellers manage to make the logo as similar as possible, they still end up using cheap quality material to make the logo plates. They are often poorly printed or plated with visible imperfections on the edges. You can also check the quality of the plated logo to see if it feels like plastic or any cheap metal then know that the logo is fake, which ultimately means that the bag is fake or a replica designer handbag.

Fixtures and Stitching

The best designer handbags are made out of high-quality fixtures and fittings, as well as stitching, which makes the handbag even more valuable and pricey.  The fixtures are made out of high-quality metals and leather belts that increase the durability of the designer handbag. The premium quality of the fixings helps the bag stay in shape and look gorgeous for a long time.

Also, the stitching is excellent and precise which holds the bag together with strong and thick threads. As for the replicas or the fake handbags, the fixtures and fittings are either poorly plated with another metal or are not strong enough, which results in them hanging loose or falling off after a few days. The stitching in the replicas is also weak as the threads aren’t strong enough and tend to poke out after a few uses.

Why Buy Designer Handbags

All the details mentioned above seem to favor the fact that designer handbags are way better than designer replica handbags or fake knockoffs in many different ways. The quality of a durable handbag is what proves the importance of a good handbag.

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The best designer handbags are not only durable but also worth the investment. They last longer and maintain the quality as for the replica handbags, they tend to lose their quality and shine quicker while they keep on making you spend more money to get them fixed every time you spot a problem in it. Read more about how you can manage your handbag closet.

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We hope that these differences between designer handbags and replica handbags helped you clear the confusion that ‘Are luxury brands worth it?’ or ‘Why buy designer handbags when there are replicas available at a lower price?’ So get your hands on the best designer handbags and style your outfits with a touch of luxury and style.

Amp up your overall look with these classy designer handbags that will never disappoint you with their quality or their fashionable look.  Instead of wasting money on non-durable replica handbags over and over again, put your valuable money in for long-lasting designer handbags.

In the end, we hope that these differences and indications will help you identify which bag is the original designer handbag or the replica handbag, and keep you away from scams and loss.

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